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Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is a kind of cosmetics which aims to make the eyes look obvious and attractive. It is generally use by females, and by stage performers of all types. Eye makeup is an significant part of the fashion and cosmetic industries. The main types of eye makeup are:


Eye shadow

Eye liner

The idea can be taken much further. The color of the eye can be distorted by using contact lenses. Glitter and other appliqués can be stuck on near the eye. Fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions are likely. Eyebrow plucking is quite common for brunettes.

Eye Makeup Main Products:



Mascara is a cosmetic use to darken, color, thicken, lengthen, or define eyelashes. In the past, it was (and still is) typically black, but now it also comes in many colors and tints. Mascara comes in three forms: liquid, cake, and cream. It is obtainable in tubes with wand applicators. Ingredients in mascara include water, wax thickeners, film-formers, and preservatives.

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Eye shadow:

Eye shadow is a cosmetic that is functional on the eyelids and under the eyebrows. The standard distance between eyelashes and eyebrows is twice as big in women as in men. Pale eye shadow visually enlarges this area and has a feminizing result.

Eye shadow can be practical in a variety of ways depending upon the desired look. Typically request is done using sponges, fingers, and/or brushes. The most important feature of applying eye shadow, and makeup in universal, is blending well.

To remove eye shadow, a profitable eye makeup remover may be used, though a face wash will generally remove all traces of color. It is simple to remove, and simple water and soap can be use. Eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara may also be taking away using baby oil or olive oil. There are also makeup wipes that can be use.

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Eye liner:

Eye liner is a cosmetic use to identify the eyes. It is applie around the contours of the eye, along and on top of the edges of the eyelids where the eyelashes grow. Over and over again applied just on the outer half of the eye.


Depending on its touch, eyeliner can be softly blotch or clearly define. There are four main types accessible on the market:

  • Liquid eyeliner is a solid liquid that generally comes in a small bottle and is applied with a small brush or felt applicator. It creates a sharp, precise line.
  • Powder-based eye pencil is eyeliner in a wood pencil. It is usually available in dark matte shades.
  • Wax-based eye pencils are softer pencils and have waxes that ease application. They come in a wide selection of intense colors as well as paler shades such as white or beige. Wax-based eyeliners can also come in a cone or a dense with brush applicator.
  • Gel eye liner, which can easily be applied with an eyeliner brush.



Kohl is an antique black eye pigment which survives to the present day in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. It was a dark-colored powder complete of crushed galena (lead sulfide) and/or antimony, burnt almonds, lead, cupric oxide, ochre, ash, malachite, or any mixture of them. It may be used as an eye liner, mascara or eye shadow.

The upper and lower eyelids were decorated in a line that extended to the sides of the face for an almond effect. In addition to dipping sun glare, it was believed that kohl eyeliner could restore good eyesight and reduce eye disease. Kohl was set aside in a small, flat-bottomed pot with a wide, small rim and a plane, disk-shaped lid. According to images of the time, the use of makeup was not incomplete to women. Highly polished silver and copper mirrors aided the application of makeup.

What is the eye makeup?

Slight and effective eye makeup selected and blended with her skin and eye color. An eye pencil or liner on her eyebrows, two shades of eye shadow on the eyelids, dark brown or black mascara on the lashes, eye liner on her foundation lid and corner of upper lid. A more vivid and adventurous style.

How do I put on eye shadow?

Eye shadow is a cosmetic that is apply on the eyelids and under the eyebrows. It is normally used to make the wearer’s eyes stand out or look more attractive.

Eye shadow shouldn’t be threatening: Applied properly, it can be one of the most foolproof steps in your beauty custom. This video demonstrates an easy way to create a perfect subtle look.

What You Need

  • light neutral eye shadow
  • dark eye shadow
  • round eye shadow brush

Follow These Steps

1. Run eye shadow brush over light color

Start with two colors: a neutral color and a darker shade. Run your brush over the light, impartial shade and tap off any overload shadow.

Tip: You can use your guide finger to apply color if you don’t have a brush.

  1. Apply light shadow to lid
    Apply the color transversely the entire lid from the lash line to just above the crease, sweeping upward toward the brow (without going as high as the brow).
  2. Run brush over darker color, tapping to remove excess
    Sweep your brush over the darker eye shadow, and be sure to tap off any excess before applying.
  3. Apply dark shadow to crease
    to make contour, start by applying shadow at the outer corner of the eye just above the top lashes. After that brush it next to the eyelid where the brow bone hits the fold, moving the brush in a half-moon from the outer corner of the eye inner toward the center of the eyelid. Sweep the brush back and forth several times to blend.Tip: To intensify color, repeat with more shadow.
  4. Do again steps one through four on the other eye
    track the same steps for the other eye, recognition to tap off excess shadow each time you dip your brush.
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