Need to know before use false eyelashes..And trick & tips for real eyelashes



An eyelash is a hair that grows at the border of the eyelids. They defend the eye from small things like dust. The standard person has hundreds of eyelashes. They have a life span of about 3 months.

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How do you put on eyelashes?

If you are looking for a way to battle your less than bountiful eyelashes, false eyelashes is your secret weapon.

Now you may be thoughts that false eyelashes are not for you because you are not paying attention in looking like you’re auditioning for a Broadway show.

You may be astonished to learn that all false eyelashes don’t have to look like the ones you see on TV and in magazines.

Or maybe you’re saying, “I don’t need to learn how to apply false eyelashes because I can just buy the latest mascara I saw on a commercial. That will make my eyelashes look fake, right?”

Well, did you know that most of the models on mascara commercials are really wearing false eyelashes? In fact, in recent years, many of these commercials have actually been disqualified because of “false” advertising.

You will find that you have whole control of how thick and long you want your lashes to be. I would also like to bring to your thought with the addition of longer fuller lashes more eye makeup might be essential for balance.

The First Step:

  • When you open the lashes watchfully pick them up with tweezers and hold them up to your eye. Chances are, the lashes will be wider than your real eye, so you can trim them until they follow the natural figure and width of your own lashes.
  • It is significant to have the correct width for you lashes because if they are too wide, they will make your eyes look like they are loose down in the corners. Make sure you neat the lashes in very small section, otherwise you run the risk of cutting off too much and debasement your false lashes.
  • Once your lashes are the ideal width use a toothpick to apply the glue to the line at the base of the false lashes. Using your tweezers to help you, press the lashes onto your natural eyelash line. Apply force for about one minute to allow the glue to set.
  • A slight bit of the glue may ooze onto your eyelid, but don’t be anxious, it must dry clear. You can take away the excess glue with a toothpick, and wrap any that is left at your lash line with eyeliner after the glue has dehydrated for about 5 minutes.
  • Many women love false eyelashes because they not at all have to apply mascara. You do however have the option to apply mascara if you favor. Just make sure you apply force to your lash line with your free hand as you apply the mascara. This will help the lashes to actually adhere and help the glue to fully dry.
  • Maybe you like the idea of false lashes, but you don’t feel that you need a full set of lashes. You can buy a set of personality lashes to fill in gaps at your lash line. Once you have put on your eye makeup, just see where your lashes feel sparse, and add the individual lashes using eyelash glue.
  • Once you take away your lashes at the end of the day, you can store them in their original container. Remember that the gentler you are with them, the longer they will last.

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How do you put on strip lashes?

False eyelash extension, a.k.a. Strip Lashes, is a huge way to add fullness and volume to your usual lashes quickly. Wear narrow piece lashes for a day or for a few weeks. The choice is yours. Strip lashes are fast, easy, and you get reliable results every time.

Steps to apply False Eyelash Extensions – Strip Lashes

1) Thoroughly spotless your eyelashes so they are free of makeup and oily remain.

2) Open you package of strip lashes and calculate the eyelash extension compare to the natural eyelashes where the strips will be applied.

3) Trim strip eyelash extensions to fit usual eyelashes as needed with scissors.

4) Tape down bottom natural lashes to stop glue from sticking to surplus areas during application.

5) Using Stays-On-Glue press a small amount of lash glue onto a throwaway plastic spatula or other surface.

6) Lightly dip the micro brush tip into the Stays-On-Glue situated on the spatula.

7) Using the glue enclosed tip of the micro brush coat the natural eyelash of one eye with the lash glue in the place where one or two lash extensions will be placed.

8) Using bent tweezers pick up strip lash by the lash tips. Using the micro brush coat the back end of the strip lash and 1/8′ beyond with Stays-On-Glue eyelash glue.

9) Apply the glue enclosed strip eyelash addition to the glue coated natural eyelash starting from the inner corner of the eye and working outward. While working the strip eyelash addition around the curvature of the eye, try to applying the base of the strip lash as close as likely to the eyelid.

10) While applying the strip eyelash extension add additional Stays-On-Glue lash gum with micro brush for any areas the glue may have dehydrated and continue to apply strip lash.

11) Once the entire strip lash is applied use tweezers to press eyelash extension to the natural eyelash to secure a tight bond.

12) Repeat entire procedure for the other eye.

13) Once both eyes are full remove the tape from the bottom natural lash and enjoy the results of full, luscious looking eyelashes.

Do you put on mascara before fake eyelashes?

I just got new eyelashes and it’s my first time using them. Are you supposed to put mascara on with them? Or no? Are you hypothetical to put mascara on with false eyelashes?

It depends; i do, because i feel it makes my natural lashes mix together in with the false ones a lot better. Are you hypothetical to put mascara on with false eyelashes?

It’s totally up to you!!

It’s usually best to put ONE coat on your real lashes than apply fake than use a curler just to make fake stick to actual lashes!!

Imo NOT using mascara looks horrifying!! Because it makes it additional Obvious when you can see where you’re fake lashes divide from the real ones!!!!

I’m a Makeup Artist so faith me the point of fake lashes IS NOT so you don’t have to wear mascara!!! The point is to carry a more theatrical look to the eye or mote humid or more crazy (depending on the lash)

Of course they do have extra natural lashes but if you want them to look like your real lashes while wearing makeup than do what you would do if they were real……….add mascara 🙂

Here’s what you do: If you plan on only wearing the lashes once and don’t want to use again them, then you can apply mascara to them. Otherwise, put mascara on your natural lashes earlier than putting your fakes on. Also, another tip is to line your top lash line with black liner so the lashes appear to mix together in well with your lash line. 🙂

You can. But usually false lashes are full sufficient, mascara would not be essential. The point of mascara is to congeal or plump the look of natural lashes.

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