Bangladesh now has its largest epidemic of dengue fever 

Bangladesh battles record dengue deaths as disease pattern changes

Recently, there was a case where a twenty-three-year-old lady, Mosammat Mayna, became a hospital employee as a cleaner only due to one heartbreaking circumstance of her sister. Ratan Maira died of dengue in the same ward where she worked just a month ago.

Bangladesh now has its largest epidemic of dengue fever, leaving hospitals with too many patients and mounting deaths. Last Wednesday also witnessed a sad event as the national tally of deaths for this mosquito-borne disease stood at 24.

However, speaking for Al-Jazeera, she said that Bangalesh never experienced such an outbreak before. That even patients come from all over the country at one time. However, she considered the great cases of dengue that occurred in November to be quite unusual. (Source)

Young Cleaner’s story provides the crisis context’s personal and tragic side. After a month as a worker, she is facing the hospital route. Plus, it relieves her sister’s path of the disease, which is the highest rate in Bangladesh.

Health officers and medical workers find themselves in a tough position due to rising cases of death. This occurs amidst pressure on already stretched hospitals by the increased number of patients.

The whole country is experiencing this serious situation. It proves that immediate actions should be taken to ensure control over the outbreak of Dengue fever. Plus, the vulnerable members of society are protected, including hospital cleaners.

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