Injectable Drug “Xolair” Helps Children With Allergies: Study.

Children with food allergies may get relief with new treatment

New research points at a cure for children with food allergies. People with multiple allergies can breathe a sigh of relief after a new research points at the benefits of an already approved drug for severe allergic reaction.

The drug Xolair can help children with food allergies, protecting them against common food items such as eggs, milk or peanuts among others (Source: NBC News). A recent data analysis has found that at least 165 children and adolescents who receive an injection of Xolair were able to consume high doses of usually allergic food items.

The major advantage of this medication is that it will cover more than one food and that it has been around for about two decades and we know its safety profile, which is pretty good,” Dr. Alkis Togias, chief of the allergy, asthma and airway biology branch at NIAID, said.

Xolair is omalizumab which is a monoclonal antibody that is marketed by Novartis and Genentech. This drug was already made available for asthma treatment. Clinical trials focused on the drug showed a reduction in hives and allergic asthma attacks.

The approval for the drug to be used against accidental exposure to food items is being fast-tracked by the FDA. The drug’s approval by FDA for use in asthma cases allows its prescription to patients, albeit off-label. However, doctors have pointed out that medical centers may not clear those prescriptions. Adding it would be difficult to get insurers to pay for a prescription for food allergies.

The full approval for the medication by the FDA will help in resolving these issues, at least the one that may be posed by the insurers. Considering the monthly cost for patients with asthma and chronic hives comes up to about $3,663 and $1,323 to $2,646, respectively. Thus, insurance backup will be necessary for children with allergies. The FDA approval is expected to happen by the first quarter of 2024.

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