How The Covid Incubation Period Is Changing For The Coming Years

Covid Incubation Period

When we think about the covid incubation period, we are plagued with the fear of quarantine periods. Staying away from your loved ones, especially your spouse and children, is by far the worst part of quarantine.

However, these were simply what the 2020 covid lexicon looked like.

This can make us wonder how the COVID incubation period is changing in the coming years.

Sit tight as we will discuss the changes in the diseases, potency, & incubation period stage in 2023 and the coming years.

What Is Incubation Period For Covid

What Is Incubation Period For Covid
How the symptoms rise and fall during Covid incubation period.

The incubation period refers to the number of days it takes for the disease to enter your body and the first symptom to show up. After which, you are going to quarantine. That is, you need to be in total isolation.

This period can last from 2 to 14 days, depending on the severity of the disease and your body’s immune system. However, due to the decreasing potency of the disease, not everyone is at a life risk.

The emerging top-tier COVID-19 vaccine also plays a big role in it. This is why, nowadays, the covid incubation period only lasts between 2-4 days maximum.

Omicron BA.1, the next variant of Covid, has a different incubation period. When it was at its life-threatening stage, a 15-day quarantine was necessary. However, with the third dosage of the vaccine, it came down to a three day period.

When Does Covid Incubation Period Starts

When Does Covid Incubation Period Starts
Covid incubation looks different for many.

Generally, the incubation starts from the day the virus affects your body. However, in some cases, Covid is asymptomatic. This is a sign of a good immune system where your body’s antigens (post-Covid vaccine) are helping you out.

This prevents your organs from being severely affected, especially if you have gotten the first three dosages of the vaccine.

Covid Incubation In An Unhealthy Body

Covid Incubation In An Unhealthy Body

Depending on the infected person, the symptoms during the incubation period can differ. During the height of the pandemic, the symptoms were:

  • Heavy fever.
  • Loss of smell & taste.
  • Chills.
  • Shortness of breath & fatigue.

Although covid symptoms in 2023 also look the same, there is a difference in intensity. For an unhealthy body plagued with unhealthy eating and drinking habits, the symptoms would be as such:

  • Heavy fever & chills.
  • Slight loss of taste & smell.
  • Shortness of breath, &
  • Fatigue.

Therefore, for them, the incubation period can be from 2-4 days. That is, within this time period, they should be able to sense certain symptoms.

Difference Between Viral Fever & Covid Incubation Period

Difference Between Viral Fever & Covid Incubation Period
How Covid and Flu looks different

Here is the difference between the Covid incubation period and normal viral flu. (Source)

Incubation Period

  • For the flu, the symptoms are quicker. Most of the time, you might also know the cause.
  • For Covid, the symptoms could be late. Therefore, if you have a fever, it is better to take a test within five days.


  • One can only be contagious once they start getting the symptoms of the flu.
  • Asymptomatic individuals can also be contagious to others.

Who Are At Risk

  • Flu only spreads to the elderly, children, infants, and people with lower immune systems. There are fewer chances for it spreading to someone healthy.
  • Covid 19 can infect a healthy person. However, hospitalization and death have drastically decreased.


  • Some of the common symptoms involved with flu are stuffy nose, fever, and chills. Children could also suffer from diarrhea.
  • COVID-19 symptoms can affect the heart and lungs if you have a poor immune system and are not vaccinated. Someone who is asymptomatic during that COVID incubation period can suffer from post-COVID symptoms.

Dos & Don’ts Of Covid Incubation Period

Dos & Don’ts Of Covid Incubation Period
Dos & Don’ts Of Covid incubation period

Here are some of the dos and don’ts of the incubation period which you should follow.

Dos Of Covid Incubation Period

  • Do start quarantining if you sense even mild symptoms.
  • Do take a test after five days of sensing any symptoms.
  • Do consult a doctor before self-diagnosing.
  • Do research about how long a COVID incubation period lasts.
  • Do take asymptomatic symptoms seriously.

“Even though you’re already infected with the virus, you may not know you’re ill during the incubation period,” Melissa Hawkins, Ph.D.

Don’ts Of Covid Incubation Period

  • Don’t take a test too early or too late since it can lead to a false negative test.
  • Don’t ignore your chances if you are in closer proximity with a Covid patient.
  • Don’t try to take medicines without knowing the cause.
  • Don’t assume it to be a case of flu.
  • Don’t ignore taking a test.

“Timing does really matter and can make a difference between a positive and a negative test,” Hawkins said in her statement. “If someone shows negative in the morning, there are chances of them being positive later that day itself.”

What To Do Post Covid Incubation Period

What To Do Post Covid Incubation Period
Don’t be Angel, prevent social gatherings.

If your test results come positive right after the incubation period, here is how you should plan ahead.

  • We all know with vaccination and decreasing potency, Covid doesn’t pose such a threat. However, you should still be careful around children, infants, and the elderly. Basically, anyone who has a weaker immune system.
  • Wear a high-quality mask even if you are quarantining.
  • Try eating mild and healthy food to help make digestion easier for your body.
  • You do not need to quarantine for 14 days. However, a four day quarantine is mandatory.
  • Take another test after your quarantine to ensure your safety and that of others you come in contact with.

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