Coalville Gp Who Survived Cardiac Arrest Through CPR While Exercising Speaks Out

Coalville Gp Who Survived Cardiac Arrest Through CPR While Exercising Speaks Out

Patients who received immediate medical care from emergency air ambulances right after a cardiac arrest speaks up for the first time.

Sean Ottey, the Coalville’s GP met with a sudden cardiac arrest in August 2020. Fortunately for air ambulance services he was taken from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, to Derby Royal Infirmary in just a matter of 20 matters.

In Derby, another man named Nick Forsyth collapsed during a weekly five-a-side match. This was recorded during January 2019, and Nick was saved from a clotted and blocked artery with the help of this emergency service. (Source)

Almost two years later, on a Heart Day Monday, October 2023, these cases were brought up. The purpose of this event is to make people understand the importance of defibrillation, and CPR in the cardiac department.

What The Former Patients Had To Say

Mr.Sean Ottey, and Mr. Nick Forsyth was both requested to provide their side of the journey in this gathering. The platform gave them a chance to speak about their experience after two years.

“I’ll always be incredibly grateful for the help that I got from the air ambulance team. I also feel incredibly impressed that all the stops were pulled out to help me. That indeed saved my life.”, said Mr Forsyth, who is now 32.

At first, Mr.Forsyth received CPR from a trained colleague who he played with. After which the air ambulance infirmary team also treated him with a defibrillator. This is one of the reasons why everyone should know how to give manual CPR.

For Mr. Forsyth, the air ambulance did get to him quickly. However, it was the CPR which made saving his life a little easier. Since then he has found himself fortunate that he had someone with the right skill set beside him, when an emergency stroke.

For Mr.Ottey, it was never an emergency until it became one. One minute he was doing everyday exercise, and another minute he was waking up in intensive care.

Thankfully staff around him knew about his family’s cardiac history, and wasted no time in giving him CPR before he was rushed to the hospital by air ambulance. Mr.Ottey believes that the outcome would be different if he was walking down on the street in the middle of nowhere. Having trained CPR individuals is very important for such healthcare emergencies.

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