Experts teach you to distinguish gout

Sudden onset of late at night: distinguish gout arthritis is often abrupt onset of prodromal symptoms in the case of no sudden onset, the incidence of the most common late at night. Once the disease has severe pain in the affected joints, and joints swelling, but no morning stiffness in patients with symptoms.

Big toe swelling burning the most typical: Gouty arthritis mainly as a single small joint involvement, involvement of the big toe to the most common, followed by the ankle joints. Typical symptoms of the big toe of the hot, swollen, painful, very unbearable, can not tuck the slightest sign of trouble or touch, pain will be terrible. 1 to 2 weeks in the natural remission, remission asymptomatic.


Elevated serum uric acid is the target: Gouty arthritis is the most important laboratory indexes of blood uric acid increased more than 7 mg / dL with a diagnosis, followed by joint fluid urate crystals and tophi detection. X-ray shows mainly non-symmetrical, non-characteristic soft tissue swelling. Repeatedly made visible edge of the auricular cartilage damage, articular surface irregularities and other signs.

Correct the high uric acid attack is the core: the treatment of acute attack of gout as soon as possible termination of the principles of attack, to correct hyperuricemia to prevent recurrence. Treatment measures include rest, Taigaohuanzhi, strictly limit the high-purine foods. The sooner the better drug treatment, delayed treatment is not easy to control.

Control diet is the key to prevention: the prevention of gout is the key to food conditioning, the main measures include drinking plenty of water, in order to facilitate uric acid excretion; avoid eating high-purine foods, such as animal organs, bone marrow, seafood, etc., in order to reduce the source of uric acid; obesity should reduce food intake to reduce weight, help to improve the uric acid metabolism.

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