Denmark new study: finer human leg shorter life expectancy

From the University of Copenhagen researchers found that, other physical conditions in similar circumstances, a “thinner legs, the shorter the life.” Even more interesting is that for with “spindly legs” of the people, age and smoking actually reduce their life expectancy is no longer a major factor finer human leg shorter life expectancy.

Body weight should be the site of most of the abdomen, if the accumulation of too much fat here, but the surface of organs in the body of harmful fat layer, thereby increasing heart disease, diabetes and the incidence of other diseases. The researchers claim that a commonly known as “pear-shaped figure” who, suffering from heart disease and diabetes risk but will reduce. The study investigated a total of nearly 3,000 men and women volunteers, the study lasted for 12 years.

In 12 years, died due to various diseases and their thigh circumference of less than 60 cm. Thigh circumference of less than 46 cm for people who, during their survey of mortality in the general population doubled. At the same time, if a man’s waist over 101 cm, waist circumference over 89 cm in women, their risk of heart disease and diabetes will also be greatly increased. Therefore, the lower body fat is healthy, but the specific mechanism is unknown.

Other medical institutions said that as the regional body is not the same quality, so the need for further, more extensive investigation to determine the results of the “universal significance.” Even so, many doctors recommend, through the multi back muscle exercise, can effectively reduce the heart rate to achieve the effect. At least, normal waist girls do not have to own two so-called “elephant legs” and excessive worry.

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