WHO Says That Hamas Hostages Must Receive Access To Medical Care

WHO calls for immediate release, access to, and medical support for hostages taken by Hamas

WHO is concerned about the healthcare and safety conditions of the hostages taken by Hamas. The organization says that the Hamas hostages must receive access to medical care. Currently, Hamas has abducted around 200 people from Israel, and the group includes healthcare workers and 30 children. 

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of WHO, had a discussion today with a non-governmental organization in Israel, “The Hostages and Missing Families Forum.” He said,

“We met today with families of people abducted from southern Israel on 7 October and heard firsthand the tragedy, trauma, and suffering they face. There is an urgent need for the captors of the hostages to provide signs of life, proof of provision of health care, and the immediate release, on humanitarian and health grounds, of all those abducted.

Many hostages, including children, women, and the elderly, have pre-existing health conditions requiring urgent and sustained care and treatment. The mental health trauma that the abducted and the families are facing is acute, and psychosocial support is of great importance.”

The director general of WHO also mentioned that the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC)should be able to contact the hostages taken by Hamas. ICRC will then be able to assess the health conditions of the people abducted and ensure proper care for them.

He further added that WHO is prepared to offer all the assistance with providing ICRC help to the Hamas hostages. ICRC has been working successfully to help hostages with proper care and medical facilities under conflicting conditions. Dr. Tedros said,

“I thank the families for sharing their heartbreaking stories. I committed, on behalf of WHO, to do all we can to support the health and humanitarian needs of those being held captive. All civilians who are suffering in this conflict must be protected.”

Moreover, he assured that the WHO would do everything to protect the interests of the hostages. And it will see to it that Hamas hostages must receive access to medical care. 

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