How To Be Happy – 8 Scientifically Proven Methods You Must Know!

8 scientifically proven methods to achieve happiness

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Famously said by Dumbledore in the third book of the Harry Potter series, it was a life lesson of sorts. So if you are looking up “How to be happy?” Good news- there are simple ways- precisely 8- to achieve it.

Everyone wants to be happy, but only a few know they are the masters of their emotions.

There is a big chance that you didn’t know you were in control of your emotions, especially happiness. The brain chemistry changes when your perception and habits vary, with some people even pulling themselves out of dark places all on their own!

Here, we have gathered the top eight ways to bring your levels of happy hormones back on track to be truly happy. In addition, you will benefit a lot more than just becoming happy.

Why Is It Hard To Be Happy?

Just like there are several ways to be happy, one finds it hard to remain happy for several reasons. It could be the people you surround yourself with or the habits driving you away from true happiness. 

The top reasons for a person having difficulty being happy are mainly associated with their inability to feel happy daily. Some people may be experiencing life in a way that divides their attention, with professional and personal life events taking the wheel. 

Additionally, mental health issues, personal struggles with habits, and perception about happiness are all good enough answers to the abovementioned question. 

On a philosophical note, the perception of happiness is one of the significant contributors to unhappiness. No matter which non-fiction book you pick up or a podcast on happiness you listen to, their points all boil down to the philosophy of happiness. 

I saw a drastic change in my ability to remain happy when I realized the power to stay satisfied was in my hands. Anyone who has experienced bullying would relate when I say that I thought people controlled my emotions. But through professional help and self-discovery, I found that it has always been in my control. Think of it as selflessly helping people but finding no support when you need it. You would restock their happiness, but when it was your turn, you had no one- again and again. 

I read an excellent quote that changed my perception of happiness- “Givers need to set limits because takers rarely do” This made me realize that boundaries are essential to happiness. 

Of course, I was never bothered by being there for people and helping them however I could. However, after some time, I realized that I felt emotionally and mentally drained. If you relate to any of the above lines, I would like to tell you- you cannot fill from an empty cup. There are givers just like you, who are aware of the limits, but before that, you must redirect your focus on the ways to derive happiness from within. 

This eliminates the idea that people or things are responsible for your happiness and puts the control right back into your hands. The following list of methods is drawn from my experience and backed by scientific evidence. 

Top Ways To Be Happy: 

  1. Be Grateful

The trick to being happy is being thankful for everything that you already have in your life. Most of our worries come from living in the future (thinking about what we could have) or living in the past (thinking about what we lost).

The idea of being present at the moment allows us to practice gratefulness for the little things that exist in our lives. This is a tried and tested method where. I saw significant improvement in my mood when I started living in the present and being grateful for everything I had.

  1. Building A Core Group

This implies creating a close-knit circle of people you trust and find comfort around. The idea is to prioritize quality over quantity to receive the best benefits. We are social beings; everyone likes the company of people around them, and exceptions are always present. 

When you realize that not everyone is sharing your company with pure intentions, you start isolating yourself from these people. Two things happen: either you start enjoying your own company most of the time or look for people who fit the bill. 

  1. Spending Time In Nature

This one is the best. Studies have shown that spending time in nature can act as a promoter of happy hormones. I mean, who couldn’t be happy after looking at all the beautiful things that surround us? The blue sky with the funny clouds, the pretty flowers showing off their mesmerizing colors, and the sweet animals that walk the earth (doggos all the way!) You get the idea.

  1. Smiling Genuinely

Genuine smiles trigger the release of happy hormones- this explains why the Joker wanted to put smiles on faces! (*side eye*) “Fake it till you make it” does not work here, as it will leave you feeling miserable and exhausted. Just as a patronus charm requires happy thoughts, smiling should be considered a patronus that is equally bright and protective against sadness. 

  1. Constantly Moving

You can combine this with step 3 and reap double the benefits. Movement- be it walking, jogging, exercising, or swimming, is an important activity that can help you get rid of negative thoughts. A study found that exercising supported nurturing happiness through building healthy self-perception. 

  1. Getting Adequate Sleep

This is a no-brainer. I do not need to provide any scientific proof (but I will), as you would have noticed on your own how sleep dictates your mood for the entire day. When you are well-slept, the functioning of the body is maintained.

This was proven in a study where the researchers found a relationship between the quality of sleep and happiness.

  1. Doing Things That Make You Happy

When you do things that bring joy to you, happy hormones come rushing into your system. This method gets you joy primarily because you are not depriving yourself. When we force ourselves to do something that we do not like, we increase our stress levels which negatively affects our mood. 

  1. Practice Mindfulness 

Practicing mindfulness is a great strategy to bind all the methods described above. When we are mindful of our surroundings, we can bring peace to us. The first step of practicing mindfulness is through meditation.

The calmness that washes over us during this practice allows us to practice gratefulness while also being present at the moment. A 2021 study found that mindfulness and happiness were interrelated and responsible for reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

These scientifically proven steps can help you become truly happy and not let external circumstances control your emotions. Even though we may not know what Nirvana is actually like- this is very close to a zen state of mind. 

Final thoughts: 

Perceiving a situation as negative or positive is up to us- when we see a situation in a bad light, we might miss the underlying lessons that hide in plain sight. Seeing the good in every situation takes another step-by-step guide, in which only a few have excelled. 

By following these steps, whether you master one or all, you will make yourself happy without relying on grand gestures or materialism. 

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