How To Prevent A Cold When You Feel It Coming? [Updated 2022]

how to prevent a cold when you feel it coming

Are you someone who suffers from colds and coughs during the change of seasons? Unfortunately, you are not alone in this. Many people get infected by the common cold. Even though it is not harmful or deadly, they tell us much about our immunity.

But hey! There are ways in which you can prevent the cold from worsening. So if you are someone who is searching for “how to prevent a cold when you feel it coming” on the internet to look for answers, I have you covered!

Keep on reading the article till the end to learn about the remedies that you should use when you feel it coming…

Cold: Oh No! There We Go Again!

Cold Fever

Yes, I know that it can feel extremely irritating, but it is what it is.

If there is something that you need to know and understand well, it is the fact that there is no cure for the common cold. You just need a little bit of care and some remedies to get out of the suffering.

Common cold, or simply cold, is viral influenza that infects the nose and the throat. While it is true that it is usually harmless, there is no doubt that you feel irritated and extremely down the whole time.

Yes, there are several ways in which you can take care of your cold and feel better.

Symptoms: So, How Do You Know?

Symptoms of cold

Don’t know whether what you have is a common cold or not? I have got you covered. Here are some of the symptoms of a cold that can help you identify the infection:

  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Sore throat
  • Slight fever
  • Fatigue
  • Mild to severe headache
  • Congestion

If there is one thing that you need to keep in mind, it is the fact that most of the symptoms of coronavirus and the common cold are very similar. That’s the reason it is best to get yourself thoroughly examined by the doctor.

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Do you think that you have some of the symptoms? There is no need to panic. As I have already told you— colds are harmless. But here are some of the remedies that you can try to take care of your stubborn cold. Or even better, if you can feel it coming!

Scroll down to learn about the ways in which you can treat the common cold when you feel it coming…

Remedies: When You Feel It Coming, Get Rid Of It!

Have you been trying to get rid of the feeling that you might be suffering from a common cold? Or maybe you can already feel it coming? If that is the case. Then you seem to have found the right place.

Here are some of the home remedies that you may try to feel better and fight the signs of the common cold:

1. Have Warm Fluids

Have Warm Fluids

It is no secret that the warmer the fluids you have, the better you will feel when you are suffering from a cold. The fluids are important as they provide your body with the much needed hydration.

You may try having more soups and herbal tea. These will provide you with not only the water content that your body requires, but also a feeling of comfort. Some of the best 

2. Take Your Vitamins

Take Your Vitamins

Vitamins are some of the vital nutrients that your body needs to fight diseases. And there are many of them. If you feel that your cold might be coming, however, there are two vitamins that you should start taking. They are:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D

Vitamin C is known for being able to fight the viruses that cause influenza. This is the reason why you may have heard doctors telling you to eat as many citrus fruits as possible when you have a cold. It also increases the production of White Blood Cells that help to fight diseases.

Vitamin D, on the other hand, is extremely important for fighting diseases or infections that are caused in the respiratory tract. You can either take them orally or soak yourself in the sun for that natural dose of Vitamin D.

3. Don’t Forget Your Zinc.

Don't Forget Your Zinc.

Did you know that zinc is one of the most important minerals that your body and its immunity system need to keep you safe from all infections and viruses?

That is the reason why whenever you search for “how to prevent a cold sore when you feel it coming,” the list always contains zinc.

Zinc is one of the most essential elements that is needed by the T-cells of our body to fight disease-causing viruses and germs. So if you want to feel better, you should start taking zinc tablets that you can get at any drug store.

However, it is best to consult your family physician before intaking any such medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you have read the entire article, you might want to take a look at the questions that readers frequently ask…

1. What Are The Symptoms Of The Common Cold In A Child?

If you have a child and you feel that he or she might be infected with the common cold, you should check for some of these symptoms:

• Fever
• Headache
• Drowsiness

2. What Are The Symptoms Of The Common Cold In The Case Of An Adult?

Looking for the symptoms of the common cold for adults? Here are some of the signs that you should keep in mind:

• +Shortness of breath
• Fever
• Sinus pain
• Severe soreness of the throat
• Headache

3. What Are The Top Three Best Home Remedies For Treating Common Colds?

If you’re looking for ways of treating the common cold, you have come to the right place. Here are the three best home remedies for treating the common cold:

• Vapor to tackle congestion.
• Have warm liquid.
• Eat green vegetables to boost immunity.

Wrapping It Up!

I know how it feels when you have a cold. You are left with too little energy to even pick up your body from the bed and do the daily work. But there are ways in which you can treat your flu and cold. As the saying goes, “prevention is always better than cure!”

In case you were searching for the best ways of “how to prevent a cold when you feel it coming” on the internet, I hope that you found this article to be of help. Also, if there are any other queries related to the same, feel free to write them down in the comment section below. Till then, stay safe!


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