Experts teach you to identify rheumatoid arthritis

Slow onset with morning stiffness: rheumatoid arthritis most of the slow onset, only a small number of acute onsets. Will first symptoms of fatigue, burnout, physical decline, loss of appetite, numbness and other symptoms, a few days or weeks before symptoms of the section involved, patients generally have symptoms of morning stiffness, continued for more than one hour.

The most obvious swelling of the fingers: early rheumatoid showing redness, swelling, heat, pain and dysfunction, with swelling of the most prominent, typical symptoms are swelling of the finger knuckle spindle. In general, the more obvious joint swelling, the pain grows. Generally 6 weeks without a natural ease. Late rheumatoid joints may be tough and there are different degrees of deformity, and bone and muscle atrophy, a disease with higher morbidity.

X-ray examination of osteoporosis: rheumatoid is the most important laboratory indexes of serum rheumatoid factor positive change, followed by ESR and C-reactive protein. X-ray examination showed symmetrical osteoporosis, soft tissue spindle-shaped swelling of joints, articular surface of the vague signs of late the festival space narrowing, joint dislocation, or other signs of fusion.


Alleviate the symptoms for the treatment of active principle: with active rheumatoid principles of treatment to reduce the prevalence of symptoms of joint swelling and morning stiffness, control disease progression, prevent and reduce joint bone destruction. Treatment measures include rest, immobilization, physical therapy and medication.

Is the main preventive measure to reduce infection: the key to the prevention of rheumatoid conditioning of life and reduce infection, the main measures include eating festival, living there often, work and rest to prevent fatigue, avoid exposure to cold, rain and moisture. Cold season and other parts of hand, foot and ankle to keep warm. In the event of a cold, to rest early, early treatment to prevent induced rheumatoid.

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