Justice DY Chandrachud Was Asked To Have Dolo-650 During Covid: Now, The Company Is Facing A 1,000 Crore Bribery Charge

Justice DY Chandrachud Was Asked To Have Dolo-650 During Covid

The pharmaceutical company that makes the Dolo tablet has been charged with bribery of 1000 crores to the doctors and the ‘unethical practices’ of marketing. The CBDT is investing in this matter. The Supreme Court bench has asked the Centre to file a response in the case in 10 days.

The 650mg version of the paracetamol tablet, Dolo 650, has been accused of unethical marketing practices. The pharmaceutical company had given 1000 crore to doctors to prescribe their drugs in the Covid situation. The Supreme Court said this matter as a “serious issue”.

The Federation of Medical Representatives of India(FMRAI) wants the centre to take some action against the pharmaceutical industry. Senior advocate Sanjay Parikh has told the SC bench that the pharma can fix the price of a tablet. However, it is regulated by the price control mechanism of the government.

The most interesting part is that Justice DY Chandrachud himself faced the same problem. During the time of his Covid-19 interaction, he was asked to take the same drug, Dolo 650. He stated that this is a serious matter.

The CBDT  had accused the pharmaceutical company on July 13. They have also found that the company is giving travel expenses, gifts and prerequisites for promoting their product.

SP bench has asked solicitor general KM Nataraj to give his response within 10 days. The next hearing will be done on September 29.


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