2 Ways To Maximize Your Quality Of Life

Quality Of Life

For many people in 2023, it seems that the pace of modern life can be overwhelming at times.

As the world relies on the increasing use of technology to accomplish routine tasks, it can become difficult to disconnect from the online and digital worlds. Free time can be replaced with staring at social media and not fully resting or relaxing.

The working world is also becoming increasingly busy as technology allows a larger number of tasks to be performed in a shorter period. Many employees finish their working weeks utterly exhausted and find it hard to fully unwind over the weekend.

It is important to understand and appreciate the value of enjoying a high quality of life in the modern world. In this article, two ways to maximize your quality of life will be discussed in depth.

Chose freelance work over the 9-5

freelance work

Many employees find that conventional forms of contracted employment become dull and stressful after a few years of work. Few office workers will relish the thought of dealing with an ever-increasing volume of emails and having to undertake the same routine tasks every day.

However, freelance forms of work are growing in popularity for people of working age and offer the prospect of being able to balance working schedules with personal commitments to enjoy an improved work-life balance. Recent statistics show that in the US, 20% of workers are considering undertaking freelance work instead of contracted employment.

This equates to approximately 10 million people, many of whom are in the millennial generation, and value free time and a healthy balance of work and personal activities. One increasingly popular form of freelance work is to undertake shipping work on a freelance basis, such as can be found at https://www.shiply.com/us/hot-shot-trucking.

This is where freelance drivers with their own vehicles can bid for shipping work and complete the order if their bid is successful. This type of work allows freelance drivers to choose their working schedules and their free time. In short, it can be an excellent way to earn an income and have time for personal pursuits and meaningful pastimes.

Socialize regularly

Socialize regularly

After the recent covid-19 pandemic (which resulted in restrictions on movement and public gatherings for millions of citizens), many people are now putting an increased value on the importance of meeting up with close friends and relatives. In fact, research suggests that socializing on a regular basis can be highly beneficial for a person’s physical and mental wellbeing.

The simple act of meeting with those close to you allows you to feel more connected to the outside world. Sharing stories and talking about problems and issues with trusted friends can help to give an alternative perspective on troubling situations. This can lead to a lower likelihood of suffering from feelings of loneliness and isolation, as well as reducing the potential for developing conditions such as depression.

Put simply, connecting with others on a regular basis is good for both body and mind and is an activity that can create fun times and pleasurable memories. Make the effort to stay in contact with those who are important to you and plan regular trips to meet up and enjoy each other’s company. It is a simple and enjoyable way to improve your quality of life.

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