3 Facts About Preventative Botox 

preventative botox

Many people haven’t heard about preventative Botox. They assume that you need to wait until your first wrinkles actually appear before being injected with Botox is possible. However, this is not the case, and some people find that getting their procedure done before they even start to show any signs of aging is a great idea. 

It is, as the name suggests, preventative and can stave off the signs of aging, ensuring that you stay looking younger for longer. Preventative Botox is a different kind of thing than regular Botox. Regular Botox reduces the appearance of the skin wrinkle. Hence the Preventative Botox is working in the deep of the skin. And claim to rectify the appearing fine lines which are set under the wrinkle.

3 Interesting Facts About Preventative Botox

3 Interesting Facts About Preventative Botox 

If you’re interested in learning more about this kind of procedure, read on; here are some useful facts about preventative Botox to make you think. 

1. You’ll Train Your Muscles 

Why do wrinkles occur in the first place? Of course, it’s mainly down to losing collagen in the skin, which means it’s less elastic and doesn’t spring back into place like it once did, but the actual wrinkles form where they form due to muscle memory in many cases. 

If you frown a lot, or squint at a screen, or smile in a particular way, that’s where the wrinkles will fall once the collagen starts to fade. The preventative Botox is simply freezing the muscle and stopping the crease from appearing.

The same is true the other way around. If you have Botox early on, you’ll train your muscles to stay where you want them, meaning that even when you start to lose collagen, wrinkles are less likely because the muscles will remain in the right places. This is a great preventative measure. 

2. Lines Start Early

Unlike wrinkles which are apparent to see and come about due to the reasons we’ve stated above, fine lines are different. They are down to the skin more than the muscle, and they can appear in your teens and early 20s, whereas wrinkles tend to start in your late 30s and onwards. 

If you find that some lines remain when you smile or frown, it’s wise to book an appointment to have some Botox treatment; in this way, you can prevent these lines from getting deeper and more noticeable, giving you a longer youthful appearance. 

For rectifying the fine lines, these preventative Botox are more valuable. People are injecting this botox under the skin and making your fine lines areas. To get quick results, first, you have to visit the cosmetic surgeon and map out where to inject the preventative Botox

Then perform the process under the observations of specialized ones. The injections places are pretty sensitive, so it is always better to take professional help to get the best result.

3. How To Get A QuickYouthful Look With Preventative Botox?

One of the best things about preventative Botox is that the results are quick, even immediate. This is especially true when you compare the results to those that come from anti-wrinkle cream and collagen creams or supplements. Most people will see some kind of improvement within just a few days of their initial treatment. 

The earlier you begin your Botox treatment, the less chance there will be for any lines and wrinkles to take hold, and the improvements will be much more subtle. This can be a positive thing; your loved ones and close friends won’t see much of a difference in your face, unlike the difference that will be much more obvious for older people. 

If you prefer to keep your cosmetic procedures to yourself, start early on, and no one will be the wiser, but you’ll know and feel great because of it. 


Getting preventative Botox won’t slow down the years, but it will help you to maintain a young-looking face and appearance for a long time and prevent those signs of aging everyone wants to avoid. 

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