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Protinex powder

Protein is essential for your healthy body. It helps in gaining muscle gain strength for your healthy body. Consuming Protinex powder can help you maintain your body strength and stamina.

It can help you carry out some of the physical activities to strengthen your daily physical activities. And also it is indispensable for dead cells and blood. It can help you in healing the scars as well as antibodies.

Most of the time, the body counts on Proteins for maintaining energy, fighting fatigue, and growth, basically the protein for life.

What Is Protinex Powder?

What Is Protinex Powder

The Protinex company manufactures Protinex powder. In most cases, it treats repairing tissues, builds stamina, and controls hunger and illness. However, the primary purpose of its consumption is to increase muscle mass and muscle strength to get the maximum energy during your workout session

Protinex Powder Benefits

Protinex Powder Benefits 

There are several benefits of the Protinex powder which you must consider at your end. Some of them are as follows:-   

1. Supports Lean Muscle Mass 

If you have lean muscle and need an immediate repair of your lean muscle mass, then Protinex powder can significantly help. It can provide you the option to build your lean muscle mass correctly. It is almost like muscleblaze whey protein

2. Reduces The Chances Of Tiredness & Fatigue 

It reduces the chances of Tiredness and fatigue in your body to a great extent. You have to understand these crucial aspects of the Protinex before consuming it. 

3. It Supports Your Immune Function 

Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and B12 present in the Protinex powder supports your body’s immune system and helps you stay fit and active all the time.

4. Helps To Maintain Gut Integrity 

The Gut integrity of the body keeps intact when you have the Protinex used in your body. It can help you increase your body’s energy level for leading an active lifestyle. You have to undergo these facts while reaching your goals.

5. Improves Stamina

It improves the level of body stamina and fitness of your body like that of the B protein powder. You have to consume the right amount of protein powder to incur its benefits for your body. 

Ingredients Of Protinex Powder Original 

Contributes To Nutrients Unit Per 100gm powder Per served 30 g powder 
Provides the source of energy Carbohydrates g53.316
Sugar g298.7
Fat g0.50.15
Growth in muscle mass Protein g3410.2
Maintainence of normal bones Calcium Mg 449135
Vitamin D Mcg 8.32.5
Vitamin K Mg 0.40.1
Phosphorous mg25075
Normal Metabolism Vitamin B1Mg 3.31.0
Vitamin B2 Mg4.61.4
Panthothenic Acid Mg 5015
Niacinamide Mg 3.31.0
Ensures Normal Immune Function Vitamin A Mcg RE 1600480
Vitamin C Mg 8325
Vitamin EMg 175.1
Other Nutrients Choline Mg 21865.4
Biotine Mcg 335.9
Formation of the Red blood cells Vitamin B6 Mg 1.70.5
Iron Mg 6.51.95
Vitamin B12Mcg 1.70.5
Folic Acid Mcg 16750

Protinex Powder Uses

Protinex Powder Uses

There are specific vital facts that you have to take care of while you want to make proper protinex powder used for your fit body. Some of the core areas of its use are as follows:- 

  • Take a mug of lukewarm cold milk of 200ml. 
  • On the lukewarm cold milk, add 2-3 tablespoons of protein X original to this mixture on lukewarm cold milk. 
  • You must stir it well before drinking the mixture.    

If you have this question about how to use Protinex powder, then you will get the correct answer from this article. After that, you follow the above instructions step by step to get the things done in the proper order. 

Different Flavors Of Protinex

Different Flavors Of Protinex

There are different flavors of Protinex powder available in the market. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Protinex Tasty Chocolate.  
  • Diabetes Care. 
  • Vanilla. 
  • Protinex Mama. 
  • Original Flavor Of Protinex. 

Protinex Powder Price

Protinex Powder Price

The Protinex powder price ranges between Rs 350 to Rs 534. The price range in which the cost of the Protinex powder varies. You need to identify these facts before you purchase the Protinex powder at your end.

Side Effects Of Protinex Powder

Side Effects Of Protinex Powder

Some of the side effects of Protinex powder are as follows, which you must take care of before consuming it. 

  • It can rapidly increase your body weight. 
  • It can cause some gas problems. 
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration.   

User Reviews On Protinex Powder

Review 1:

User Reviews On Protinex Powder

Review 2:

Review 2

Some of the trusted sources have provided user reviews on the Protinex powder which is quite evident from the fact how useful this product is for its users. Let’s have a look at it. 

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions):-

1. Is Protinex Powder Good For Health?

Ans: In the race of life, Protinex can be the perfect partner for you. The main reason is that it contains high proteins +8 Immuno nutrients, making it an excellent part of your diet. It comprises zero transfats.

2. Who Needs Protinex?

Ans: It comprises a rich source of proteins that help in physical development and growth. Children above 2 years of age make use of the Protinex Powder. It is one of the best Protein powders to handle the growth of your body.

3. Can Proteinex Increase Your Body Weight?

Ans: For your weight gain, you cannot just rely on the simple Protinex that can help your body. It is not really necessary for a healthy drink. You cannot expect an increase of body weight only ny consuming Protinex.

4. Can You Consume Protinex At Night?

Ans: Taking protein supplements at night can help you to promote a better recovery of your body weight over time. Before bedtime, if you consume the Protinex powder then it can add value to your health. 

5. Is Protinex Good For Hair?

Ans: Protinex is not a good idea for your healthy hair. You have to maintain a routine and you need to keep your body hydrated all the time. It includes protein-rich sources like pulses, meat, fish, dairy, and lean meat.

Final Take Away

Hence, these are some of the core factors you need to take care of while you want to use Protinex in your daily diet. You need to know these facts on your end while you want to achieve your objectives correctly. 

You can share your views, opinions, and comments in our comment box to get the best idea about implementing the Protinex powder. But, first, you need to ideate the facts that can help you make things work your way.

Some of the facts in this regard are crucial when selecting the protein powder for your better fitness in the future. Therefore, in the above article, I have tried to cover up the maximum of your pain points so that you can better understand the facts.


Protinex Powder has some side effects in it also. Therefore, it will be best for you if you consume these powders on the advice of your doctor or health dietician. Otherwise, you may have to face some severe consequences.

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