Improve Respiratory Organ Health: Researchers Find New Evidence

respiratory organ health

October is celebrated as Lung Health Month across the globe and health authorities around the world try to increase awareness on respiratory organ health. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists have been vigorously involved in finding a cure to manage various symptoms. 

An essential need for all humans is food, water, all- oxygen. In order to stay healthy, we are in constant need of adequate oxygen. The optimal presence of oxygen makes sure that the lungs are working fine and the risk of lung diseases is kept at bay. 

The negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on respiratory organ health were observed in several ways. Researchers have since been involved in studying these effects so that a cure can be found to reverse the damage. 

The continuous efforts to maintain respiratory organ health have led to suggestions by scientists that can help us maintain its health. The inclusion of a few types of vegetables as well as abandoning some habits can ensure just that. 

As per experts at the American Lung Association, smoking is the biggest enemy of respiratory organ health, increasing the risk of chronic diseases. Scientists have claimed that cigarette smoke narrows the airways, making it difficult to breathe. In addition, the smoke starts damaging lung tissues which can further increase the risk of lung damage. 

The protection against pollution is also another factor stated by scientists that can provide protection. Additionally, indoor pollution was found to be as harmful as outdoor pollution, if not more.

The continuous exposure to indoor pollution is a significant factor that increases the risk of chronic lung disease. Moreover, scientists pointed out that the proper arrangements for ventilation can help improve respiratory organ health. 

Lastly, the habit of healthy eating and exercising were additional factors that were found to support lung health. Scientists concluded that the incorporation of these lifestyle changes can improve respiratory organ health when continued over a long period.

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