Singapore health ministry issues travel advisory as COVID-19 cases rise 

COVID-19 cases rise in Singapore

There has been a sudden surge in COVID-19 cases in the world, and it is compelling Singapore travel guidance for incoming travelers. The new category of COVID-19 lineage called BA.2.86 – JN.1 is currently making its way through the southeast Asian islands and subcontinent.

The fresh guidance was for both the citizens of the country and people who wanted to visit the country. According to the latest reports, there were more than 56000 COVID cases between the 3rd and 9th December 2023.

In the previous week, the number of cases rose to approximately 32,000. The health ministry report mentions that a total of 350 cases are reported each day. This is a rise from the total of 225 which was a week earlier. (Source)

Singapore’s Contingency Plan 

Singapore’s health ministry is currently collaborating with public hospitals. This is the immediate contingency plan to make hospital beds and manpower. Making medical care accessible for someone with immediate medical attention.

The health ministry is also making this possible not only through immediate beds and manpower but also through Mobile inpatient care and Transitional Care Facilities.

This plan is especially important for infected foreign travelers and citizens returning home.

Singapore has also assured the opening of an immediate critical Covid team and medical facility for the EXPO Hall 10 event. This care facility can host 80 stable patients who do not require immediate critical care.

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