Types Of Stroke – Symptoms, Causes, Effect And Treatment


Stroke is a condition that is synonymous to many people among them adults. It attacks without warning and when it does, its effects are always devastating. As such, this condition has become one of the most dreaded medical conditions feared by people of all types.

That said, one of the things that have not been coming out well about stroke is what causes a stroke and some of the possible prevention measures of the same. Knowing what causes stroke can help avoid this condition in people. Other than that, knowing the best treatment for stroke can also help in determining the best way to go about this condition when it hits you.  

Most importantly also are the stroke symptoms which are very key in helping tell what the causes of stroke are. Knowing about all these factors is the best form of defense one can use to defend themselves against stroke. Remember, this is a condition that should be dealt with while it is in its infancy stages.  

As such, people should always be informed about the signs of stroke and also what causes to help them reveal this condition well on time.  In this text, you are going to find useful information about what stroke is, what are its causes and other things about the same.  

Stoke Overview 

Even though a good number of people appear to be sufficiently informed about stroke, they can’t quite clearly tell what stroke is. In fact, if you were to ask people to define stroke for you then chances are you are going to get responses that are way off the mark.  

This confusion and lack of proper information is what has led to the need to provide accurate information about stroke starting from what it is, what causes it all the way up. This way, you will have all the information you need about stroke available to you.  

The occurrence of stroke is simply by emergency. This is a medical emergency that comes about when there is an interruption of blood flow to your brain. Without any blood, your brain cells will naturally die.  When this occurs then it might lead to some serious symptoms which might include a lasting disability or even death in some cases.  

The other thing that people still do not know about stroke is that there is more than one type of stroke.  In fact, knowing the kind of stroke that is affecting you can help you get a more precise treatment at the end of the day. Continue reading this text to know the exact types of strokes that are there and some of the symptoms that come with them.  

The Different Types Of Stroke

The Different Types Of Stroke 

When it comes to stroke and its types, there are three main types which include transient ischemic attack, ischemic stroke, and lastly hemorrhagic stroke. Even though these types of strokes affect a good number of people the many cases of reported stroke fall in the category of ischemic stroke which affects about 87% of the stroke patients.  

Ischemic Stroke 

Ischemic Stroke

This is the main type of stroke affecting a good number of people.  A stroke occurs when there is a blood clot that prevents your blood from flowing to your brain.  In many cases, the blood clot is always due to atherosclerosis.  This is simply a build-up of deposits of facts on the lining of blood vessels.   

In many cases associated with this one, a section of the fatty deposits might break up blocking the flowing of blood to the brain. The circumstances under which this stroke occurs are very similar to those under which a heart attack occurs. It is also important to note that an ischemic type of stroke can also be embolic which implies the blood clot in question can also travel to the brain.  

Hemorrhagic Stroke 

Hemorrhagic Stroke

A hemorrhagic stroke is very rare, it occurs when there is a rapture of a blood vessel in your brain or the breaking of the same. When this happens there is always a spill of blood to the issues in the nearby areas.  Even though this stroke is very rare, it still affects quite a good number of people and as such, it needs to be addressed with a lot of seriousness.  

Transient Ischemic Attack 

Transient Ischemic Attack 

This is not really a stroke itself but rather a warning to a stroke.  In fact, doctors refer to a transient ischemic attack as a warning of stroke or a ministroke. If there is any kind of thing that temporarily blocks the flow of blood to your brain then it qualifies to be called a TIA. The blood clot of a TIA as well as its symptoms do not always last a longer period of time.

The Symptoms Of Stroke 

The different types of strokes cause similar symptoms because in each case, there is an interruption in the flow of blood to the brain. Being this way, the only way you can tell what kind of stroke is affecting you is by visiting a doctor and getting medical advice.  

That said, there are some signs of stroke that one can use to easily tell if they are suffering from stroke or not. For instance, if you see the following signs then you might need to see a doctor right away.  

Face: Smiling but when you do so, one side of your brain stops 

Arms: when raising your two arms, do you realize that one arm comes down quick 

Speech: if you have a slurred speech then that could also mean you suffer from stroke 

Stroke Treatment 

Stroke Treatment 

The treatment for stroke is dependent on quite a number of factors. For instance, the type of stroke you suffer from and how long that has affected you can play a factor in the kind of treatment you are recommended by a doctor. This is why it is always recommended for you to seek medical assistance anytime you see any of the above-listed signs of stroke.  


Stroke is a very serious medical condition that has to be taken with the seriousness it deserves. The above text, therefore, takes a look into the whole issue of stroke, how it comes about and when exactly you need to see a doctor. Also from the text, you will get to know the various types of stroke that will help you to understand this condition even better.  

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