Studies Show Running Has Major Health Benefits During Winter

Running Has Major Health Benefits During Winter

Running is a great form of exercise that works out the heart no matter the year’s season because it is an all-weather workout. It has been found that exercising in lower temperatures provides an extra boost to our bodies. Winter runs may need extra precautions for clothing and footwear, but they offer distinct advantages from summer workouts.

Expert Runner Dr. Joshua Blomgren explains that it helps cardiovascular health by exercising all the leg muscles and arms. Apart from being a complete workout, it covers most of the body. According to Dr. Blomgren, although both hot and cold weather positively impact cardiovascular health, the body’s involvement in regulating temperature differs in cold weather running.

According to new studies, cold weather brings both benefits and challenges. This research conducted in 2021 emphasized the fact that working out or exerting oneself becomes more difficult during hot weather. Unlike summer, winter has some great benefits, such as giving us a mental and emotional lift, often referred to as the “runner’s high” that counteracts seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the winter season.

Did you know that cold weather running has this thermogenesis property where the body naturally produces and preserves warmth even when it’s freezing outside? Isn’t that crazy?

According to Dr. Blomgren, when the body works to lose fat, it turns to brown fat for energy. This is better because brown fat generates more heat and keeps the body from getting cold. When it’s cold outside, your body makes more brown fat to keep you warm, and this helps you burn calories, too! (Source)

The Overall Verdict!

These are some of the complex gains of running during colder periods. Winter runs benefit fitness as they boost mental boost and help burn fat. Although safety measures should be implemented, the benefits of running during cold weather are significant and positively impact our overall health.

When making a workout schedule, it’s important to remember the season because it can improve both the performance and satisfaction of exercise. Adjusting your exercise routine to the changing weather can help you discover new ways to stay fit. Running is good for fitness, irrespective of the season. It strengthens your muscles and cardiovascular system and improves your adaptability and overall well-being.

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