Why Taking Care Of Your Health Sooner Is Better For A Long Life!

Dick Van Dyke says he would have taken better care of his health if he knew he was going to live to 98

98 years old is a huge milestone in the recent environment where people as young as 45 are dying of preventable diseases. Dick Van Dyke, who recently celebrated his 98th birthday, came forward to say that he would have been careful about his health sooner.

His regret is a reminder for the younger generation why it is important to take care of your health from a young age and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The actor has openly come forward to say how he has was a chronic consumer of alcohol, dealing with alcoholism “for a whole period.” The actor recently spoke in a news interview, saying “I would have taken better care of myself.”

The actor shared that his wife, Arlene Silver makes sure he is getting his workout in- with going to the gym thrice a week for ” a full workout.” The Mary Poppins star has been living an exciting life with a seven decade acting career. The profession itself demands a healthy lifestyle as actors often have to perform stunts- which is not always the case.

It is also true that actors from his era hardly maintained a healthy lifestyle with the trend of actors suffering from either alcohol abuse or substance abuse. Recent times have seen a change with not just the actors but also the viewers sharing a passion for staying fit.

Van Dyke said. “It’s such a blessing to find a way of making a living that you love, that you’d do for nothing.”

The Night at the museum star also added that he felt “sorry” for those who hate their jobs as he looks forward to work!

The interview was also a reminder of how staying busy, keeping active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to maintaining mental and physical health.

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