The Biden administration plans to distribute complimentary COVID tests to schools nationwide 

Biden administration plans to distribute complimentary COVID tests to schools nationwide

Officials announced this week that the federal government would send millions of free COVID-19 tests to schools nationwide. Thus helping out millions to help take early precautions.

A press release from the U.S. Department of Education reveals that district administrations are allowed to give free tests to communities, parents, staff, and pupils. Therefore, schools can ship tests to nurse’s offices, give away tests at events, and even send test results home with the students or their parents.

According to Assistant Secretary Roberto Rodriguez from the Education Department, “the Biden-Harris Administration is a dedicated partner with schools to keep our students and our teachers safe and sound. These self-test kits can be made for effortless use for any adult person and can really change the entire Covid situation. These are free to use. Thus we request educational institutions to employ the tools to safeguard the children, the parents, and staff.” (Source)

These COVID-19 tests can be ordered by schools in early December, and they will be delivered after about two weeks.

Schools were encouraged by the Department of Education to do the test to prevent the spread of Covid. Especially during winter months, in a letter dated Wednesday.

Mr. Rodríguez, Assistant Secretary at the Department of Ed, stated, “The Covid-19 virus is present all year round. However, the infection rate tends to be higher during the fall and winter months.”

“These self-tests are easy to administer and quite effective as a weapon against the coronavirus,” – he insisted.

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