Trichomoniasis Treatment: Best Ways To Get Rid Of The Issue!

All about Trichomoniasis Treatment

Trichomoniasis is a common sexually transmitted infection. A parasite is responsible for causing this infection, which has many different effects. The treatment options that are usually taken by medical professionals for this infection will also be mentioned in the following sections.

The condition may occur in a healthy individual when they come in contact with someone who is already experiencing the condition. This shows that the condition’s transmission is dependent on direct contact. The following article will explore different aspects of the infection, especially the treatment options.

What Is Trichomoniasis? 

What Is Trichomoniasis? 

Trichomoniasis, or ‘trich’ as commonly known, is an infection that mainly affects most sexually active adults. The sexually transmitted infection is known to spread during unsafe sexual intercourse. The parasite may be present either in the semen or vaginal fluids, which is where it gains access to the healthy person.

Most people who develop the infection do not become aware due to the lack of symptoms. However, this is not true for the majority of the population- the rest can observe the signs.

The parasite that causes this infection is a protozoan known as Trichomonas vaginalis. This protozoan parasite is known to generate more than two million infections in the US alone.

The infection is contagious, which implies that contact with a healthy person can lead to its spread. Specifically, sexual contact with a healthy person is primarily responsible for the spread of this infection.

As per the reports, it is apparent that people assigned to females at birth are more likely to contract the infection. It is also seen that the infection also has a preference. This is because it more commonly affects Black women than other races. Only 30% of the people in the US demonstrate signs of the condition.

The non-viral sexually transmitted infection around the globe, ‘trich,’ is a notorious infection that can cause some severe complications.

Symptoms Of Trichomoniasis    

Symptoms Of Trichomoniasis    

The infection is often visible in the following way:

  • Symptoms in men:

– Pain during urination

– Burning after ejaculation

– Froth-like discharge from the penis

– Itching or irritation inside the penis

  • Symptoms in women:

– Foul-smelling vaginal discharge

– Thin or thick, white, greenish-yellow or yellow discharge

– Soreness, irritation, redness around the vulva or the opening of the vagina

Itching around the vagina

– Pain during urination

– Discomfort during intercourse

– Soreness or swelling around the vagina. The inner thighs may also become itchy in such cases.

These signs should tell you that you have an infection that needs immediate attention. In addition, these signs may seem like any other sexually transmitted infection or disease. However, instead of self-diagnosing and self-medicating, it is better to consult a gynecologist or a healthcare professional. This will help in the proper diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

Causes Of The Condition   

Causes Of The Condition   

The presence of the parasite in bodily fluids such as semen and vaginal fluids can lead to the spread of the causal organism. In addition, the following causes of its space are also seen-

– Vaginal-vaginal or vaginal-penal intercourse, penal-penal intercourse

– Oral sex

– Anal sex

– Genital touching

– Sharing things of personal hygiene- towels or undergarments

Risk Factors/Complications   


These are factors that can put you at direct risk of contracting an infection, especially of developing the infection efficiently before you realize the symptoms yourself. The following risk factors can elevate your chances of contracting the infection:

– Having more than one sexual partner and not maintaining proper sexual hygiene

Not using condoms during sex puts you at significant risk of this STI

Poor personal hygiene, such as sharing towels

Complications associated with this condition/infection are as follows:

– When left untreated, the infection can develop into HIV due to the high risk they are elevated to.

– HIV can develop when the infected individual is exposed to the virus.

– Untreated HIV can lead to AIDS.

– If you are pregnant or breastfeeding/chest-feeding, you may risk premature labor or low birth weight.

As the individual’s immune system is already weakened due to the severe stage of the infection, it is highly likely that exposure to the human immunodeficiency virus will make them vulnerable to HIV infection. This can further lead to the development of AIDS, which is one of the most severe complications of this STI.

Best Trichomoniasis Treatment Options   

Best Trichomoniasis Treatment Options   

The easiest way of treating the infection is antibiotics, which can kill the protozoa. Unlike viruses, most protozoan pathogens- the harmful germs that belong to the family of protozoa- can be handled through antibiotics. The following steps help in the management of the infection and its symptoms:

– Doctors prescribe metronidazole for a week or seven days for both men and women, as well as for those with vaginas and penises.

– Both sexual partners must get proper treatment for trichomoniasis to avoid spreading the infection between each other repeatedly.

– After finishing the course of medications, you must refrain from engaging in sexual intercourse. This helps in killing the protozoa and preventing reinfection.

– Regular check-ups as per doctor’s recommendation must be adhered to for complete management of the infection.

For Recurrent Trichomoniasis   

The treatment of recurrent trich requires increasing the dose of metronidazole. This helps in treating the protozoa with a higher amount of the antibiotic that is known to kill the bacteria.

 How Can I Prevent Trichomoniasis?   

 How Can I Prevent Trichomoniasis?   

The prevention of the infection is similar to other sexually transmitted diseases or conditions. Reducing the risk factors as much as possible can ensure that the chances of contracting the illness are lowered. These can include steps such as:

– Using a condom during sex

– Getting regularly tested during the treatment period and after that till the doctor’s orders.

– Having one sexual partner or practicing safe sex with your sexual partners


Thus, this is how you can ensure the trichomoniasis treatment is successful for you and your partner. The article makes sure that you are aware of the signs and symptoms that can help you identify the condition. This helps in early diagnosis as well as treatment of the disease so that it is not left untreated.  

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