Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Yoga Practice

Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Yoga Practice

Yuji: meaning union!

This Sanskrit word is the mother of the word Yoga. As the actual word means union, Yoga is also the union of your body, mind, and spirit. You might have heard that spiritual gurus often ask you to do Yoga.

On the other hand, doctors and healthcare professionals also promote Yoga for good physical and mental health. It is a body-mind exercise, which syndicates meticulous breathing, physical movement, and also mental peace.

Do you know what the best part of Yoga is?

It is that everyone and anyone can do Yoga irrespective of gender, age, or lifestyle. As it is said, your body is a temple. That means you are the God or Goddess of the temple and keeping it clean from the inside.

The time when you are doing Yoga also plays a crucial role when it comes to getting the most out of it. Morning or early morning is a perfect time. You will be surprised to know the benefits of morning yoga.

Benefits Of Morning Yoga Practice: Top 10

I know, sometimes it is too much to ask you to wake up early in the morning and then do early morning yoga along with other stuff before leaving for your daily schedule. Still, here I am to convince you of some amazing benefits of morning yoga in doing so.

Now, let’s check them out.

#1 Remove Morning Muscle Stiffness

We all know how we drag ourselves to work or school after waking up. It feels like we are forcing our bodies to make movements. Morning muscle stiffness is a real thing. Getting rid of muscle stiffness is one of the major benefits of Yoga in the morning.

As I have said earlier, Yoga includes proper movement of your body parts. This will help your muscles not just relax but will also remove the stiffness. This effect will keep you active throughout the entire day.

#2 Swipe Out Stress Of The Previous Day

Morning yoga and meditation are really helpful when you do not want to carry the baggage of the previous day’s stress. Honestly, a strong cup of caffeine can not always straighten your eyebrows and folds on your forehead that are the result of the previous day.

Yoga is an effective exercise of both body and mind, and it also develops an amazing connection between the mind with your body. Yoga purifies your mind, and it will help you relax while releasing the stress of the previous days and starting this day afresh.

#3 Get Your Breathing On Track

Breathing exercise is a major part of Yoga. Pranayam (the breathing exercise) has been extensively studied in order to enhance lung capacity. Here, by saying lung capacity, I am addressing the maximum amount of air that your lungs expel.

The capacity is actually really effective in the proper functioning of all your organs. After all, oxygen is the thing that keeps both your brain and body in proper working condition. Yoga is really effective in increasing your lung capacity.

#4 Get Some Me-Time

To be honest, the hectic daily schedule is taking a serious toll on us. Thus it is actually great to get at least 10 minutes of “me-time.” Research has shown that it is not only helpful for enhancing your productivity but also gives you much-needed mental peace.

So, when you get some time only with you in the morning, you will be able to kick start your day. Morning yoga can assist you in gaining inner peace along with the energy to encounter the world each day. Whether it is just a 5 minutes thing or an hour thing, it is a way of telling yourself how much you care about yourself.

#5 Releases Happy Hormone

Releases Happy Hormone

Have you ever felt so happy and then so sad within a few minutes?

Well, it used to happen to me a lot. You might not know that; in this case, your hormones are just messing up with you. In our body process, hormones play a huge role. Mainly when it comes to regulating our moods, there are some hormones, such as endorphin and dopamine, that are responsible for promoting happiness and positive feelings.

Several studies have reported that doing meditation and Yoga in the morning can help endorphins and dopamine production. As a result, you will have a productive and happy day.

#6 Bid Adieu Caffeine

When we wake up, both our body and mind might not be in sync, and that is why we crave our favorite morning coffee. At the same time, as I have already said, your body may feel stiff and tight. But then there are people who are completely forbidden to take caffeine.

The solution is here for us. Sun salutations or mostly known as Surya Namaskar, is a proper sequence of 12 powerful yoga poses, which heals your mind along with providing your body the instant energy you need.

#7 Take Care Of Your Digestive System

Take Care Of Your Digestive System

Several studies have already proved that your brain and gut are interconnected. In case your body fails to absorb and digest the food you’ve eaten the next morning, it might create other health issues and affect your intake the same day.

When you start practicing Yoga early in the morning, your body’s metabolism gets a boost, and your digestive system releases waste products along with digesting the needed nutrients really efficiently. Always remember your peace of mind also begins from your tummy.

#8 Enhance Your Concentration And Focus

Morning yoga can calm you down. It actually assists in enhancing your mental focus and concentration. When you are controlling your breathing, your brain is getting loads of fresh oxygen. As a result, your mental clarity prepares you for your work.

This way, you will be able to give your full attention and work most efficiently. Above all of these, when you dedicate your morning to yoga practices, you will become a morning person and will not let your day go wasted.

#9 Clear The Mind

In case you often wake up in a hazy and dull mental state, some time of morning yoga breathing can clear out all types of cobwebs in your mind really fast. We can consider Yoga as a tool that can calm and clear our minds in order to experience more peace and balance in our daily life.

It also teaches us that breathing is a direct reflection of the mind’s quality. That means if you want to calm your mind, you need to focus on shaping your breath through Yoga or pranayam. Just half an hour or 10 minutes of Yoga can clear your mind and make you calm.

#10 Relieve Back Pain And Tension

Relieve Back Pain And Tension

With our enormous hours of a desk job, having back pain is indeed a really common issue. Often we feel chronic back pain. In this case, therapeutic yoga practice can be more effective if you do it early in the morning before starting your day.

If you do stretching first thing in your day, it will relieve back pain and tension, which you get after a night of sleep. When we breathe and move, our blood flow increases. It encourages your stiff muscles to loosen up.

Start Your Awesome Day!

So, now, you know what you will get if you start practicing Yoga early morning before starting your day. The benefits of morning yoga are really a huge thing. You just need to do it properly to get the best from it.

So, say yes to Yoga every morning and stay healthy and fit.

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