Colon Cancer – Symptoms, Causes, Effect And Treatment

colon cancer

The menace of cancer has swept across the globe affecting quite a good number of people.  The reality is, this condition is so deadly and comes in so many forms and types like colon cancer and others.  In fact, there are so many types of cancer some people do not even know about.  

The bad thing about cancer is perhaps the fact that it eats into you even before you know it.  This means by the time you are getting to know about this condition time will have really flown and the condition ate so much into you.  At this point, your chances of survival are always meager because of the condition of infection.  

Colon cancer is one type of cancer that affects so many people.  The truth of this matter is that some people never discover the presence of this cancer until it really manifests itself in them.  In such cases, the illness has always gone on to leave very devastating effects in the end.  

Having all the finer details about colon cancer will enable you to tell this condition when it appears and deals with it right from there.  No matter who you are, you cannot deny that information in this regard is so essential.  This is exactly what this text is all about, the text offers you information about colon cancer to help you make the right steps regarding this condition. 

What Is Colon Cancer?

Colon cancer is a type of cancer that is not so different from the other types of cancer.  Cancer, colon cancer begins right in the large intestines which is what is known as the colon.  The colon as you know it is the final part of the digestive system.  

In many cases, colon cancer affects older people.  However, this is not to say that the condition cannot affect young people.  The condition can actually affect young people as well.  In fact, there are quite a number of cases where the condition has actually affected young people as well.  

As such, it is right to say that everyone is at risk of contracting colon cancer.  Therefore everyone has to take great care to make sure that they stay abreast of this condition.  It can be so devastating when it strikes which calls for great care.  

Colon cancer normally begins as a small noncancerous clump of cells.  These clumps of cells are known as polyps and they form right inside the colon.  As time goes by and these polyps are not detected they might turn right into cancer cells becoming colon cancer in the end.  

Screening Of Colon Cancer 

One of the things that cannot be overemphasized is the issues of cancer screening and this is not just any type of cancer but all.  For instance, colon cancer can easily be discovered and dealt with right from its infancy stages.  In many cases, the polyps might be very few and normally produce very few symptoms.  

While in some other cases, the polyps might fail to even produce any form of signs and symptoms. In such cases, the polyps might continue to grow albeit without being detected.  This is exactly why screening for this condition is very essential.  By doing so, you will be able to discover the presence of colon cancer in you and commence treatment well on time.  

Symptoms Of Colon Cancer 

The easiest way to tell if you have colon cancer is by looking at some of the common signs and symptoms associated with this condition.  The signs and symptoms of colon cancer are quite many but might in some cases vary from one person to the other depending on the level of infection as well the person affected.  

That said, there are some common colon cancer symptoms that you need to know.  Knowing much about these signs will enable you to detect them when you see them while visiting a doctor on time to avert any form of disaster. 

  • A persisting change in the bowel habits
  • Rectal bleeding or in some cases blood in your stool 
  • Weakness and fatigue 
  • Unexplained weight loss 
  • Feeling that the bowel is not completely empty in some cases 

In many cases, people experiencing colon cancer might fail to experience any form of signs and symptoms in the early stages.  Even when the symptoms are at these stages are likely to vary from one person to the other.  The other thing that might make a variation in the nature of symptoms experienced by people is the size of the illness which is also important to note.  

As such, it is recommended for people to go for regular colon cancer screening.  It is only this way that one can tell if they are suffering from colon cancer without their knowledge or not.  It is only by doing this that you will be able to reveal the presence of this condition in your body and commence treatment right away.  

When Is The Right Time To See A Doctor With Colon Cancer? 

Of course, the best time to see a doctor is when the disease is still in its infancy stages. However, as you might actually not tell when this condition begins to build up in you.  Therefore, the best time to see a doctor is when you see persistent signs of colon cancer like the ones above.  

Colon Cancer Treatment 

The last thing to discuss in this discussion is the treatment of this condition when it occurs to you. Well, it is right to note that there is no precise treatment for colon cancer. However, there are measures that can help control the disease like surgery, radiation therapy together with drug treatments.  


Colon cancer is a form of cancer that occurs in people especially those that are more than 40 years of age.  This condition comes with various signs and symptoms which might vary depending on the age of the disease.  The article above takes a look at the whole concept of colon cancer. And offers you essential and adequate information about the same.  

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