Hdl Cholesterol Levels And The Risk Of Dementia 

Hdl Cholesterol Levels And The Risk Of Dementia

In the study, very high HDL cholesterol was considered more than 80 mg/dL. The normal range is often 40-60 mg/DL for males and 50-60 mg/DL for females.

Relatively to those with the target levels, its role in the development of dementia was 27% higher over an average follow-up period of 6.3 years. In those aged over 75, the risk of dementia was higher by 42% for very high levels.

All participants were free of dementia and heart disease at the outset. Moreover, participants with preexisting cognitive problems, fatal illnesses, or a handicap would be exempted from participation.

A research summary from Monash University in Australia suggests that campers didn’t experience high HDL cholesterol levels. This is where the research team leaders are based. They were likely taking dairy instead of substitution problems related to such issues as diabetes.

“This study implies that even though we know HDL cholesterol is good for cardiovascular health, we need to keep digging,” said lead author Monira Hussain, MBBS, PhD, MPH. (Source)

This research was one of the largest to date investigating the possible link between dementia and HDL cholesterol since it includes over 18,000 individuals aged above 65 years.

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