Health Experts Urge Staying At Home During The Holidays If You Have A Cold 

Health experts say stay home if sick this holiday season

Do you have a runny nose or are suffering from a bad cold? Well, the flu season coincides with the holiday season to water down all your holiday plans. Above that, health experts such as doctors and scientists are urging people to practice social distancing.

Doctors associated with reputed hospitals are flagging the issue with being in a closed space with people. There are high chances that the germ will circulate within the closed environment to infect someone who is healthy.

In addition, with the chilling temperatures outside, all of us are in our homes, with the heating system keeping us warm. However, we are missing out on the fact that the air inside the home is carrying the same viruses and bacteria that could affect our immunity.

This is why doctors and other experts are urging people with even the mildest symptoms of cold and cough or flu, to stay at home. It is a bummer, but it becomes the right thing to do when you are looking at the rising cases of Covid.

Across the country, organizations such as the Allegheny County Health Department has an alarming data where at least 700 cases were reported between 10th to 16th December.

The request which should be taken as more of a warning is a reminder of last year’s tripledemic – COVID-19, flu and RSV. It was a nightmarish experience for the doctors and the populace, alike.

Doctors propose wearing a mask if you have to be around other people during the holiday season. However, the repeated request stays on “stay at home” as it controls the spread of the virus or other germ that’s causing the cold and cough.

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