How Long Does Ketamine Stay In Your System?

how long does ketamine stay in your system

Before using Ketamine, you need to ask yourself the question: how long does Ketamine stay in your system. You need to have this information with you at all times if you are to use this drug in the right way. In fact, a good number of Ketamine users do not even know how long this substance stays in their system which is very worrying.  

On the other side, information about how long does Ketamine stays in your system has never come out properly.  This is why some people have been seeking answers to this question badly with some finding helpful information while others have not been that successful.  

Due to this inadequacy of information on this topic, it has become essential to bring out clear information on this question to help people out. For the people who have been asking how long does Ketamine stay in your system this text is going to be the guide you need.  

From the text, you are going to find all the information which will help you to answer the question how long does Ketamine stay in your system. The text is going to encompass all the information you need and is going to be a perfect guide to you in this quest.  

What Is Ketamine? 

What Is Ketamine

First things first, what is Ketamine? The best point to start from with this discussion is by defining what Ketamine is before looking at other details about the same. In many places, Ketamine is normally referred to as a horse tranquilizer or in some cases a special K. 

This substance was at some point used as sole anesthesia in human beings and animals as well. When this drug is used in a legal and accepted way, it is always injected with a dose that is appropriate for the person who is receiving it. However, for this drug to be well used, there are some other factors that have to be considered.  

The health of the person who is taking this drug is one of the things which are mainly considered. Other than that, there are also others that include the height of the recipient, the weight, and the medical history too. 

Also, you need to know that Ketamine comes with different effects on the people who use it. These effects tend to vary from one person to the other depending on the person taking the drug and the amount which is taken in. The administration method of Ketamine is also another one of the factors which can also affect the way it impacts a person.  

How Long Does It Take For The Effects Of Ketamine To Be Felt? 

How Long Does It Take For The Effects Of Ketamine To Be Felt 

The other question which is normally asked alongside that of how long does Ketamine stay in your system is this one. People who have never used this drug in the past find interest in knowing how long it takes before the effects of this drug are felt in the body.  

The time within which the effects of Ketamine are felt in the body varies from one person to the other. The other factor which also affects this time and effect is also the issue of the mode of administration and where the drug is administered into the body. 

For instance, if you use injection as a way of administering this drug into your body then you will begin to feel the effects within five to 15 minutes. If you prefer to use nasal absorption then this drug will take about 20 minutes before its effects are felt in the body. For the people who prefer oral use this drug can only take up 30 minutes before you can begin to feel any of its effects. 

However, you need to know that these estimates are only for the legal use and administration of Ketamine alone. These timelines could in some cases vary anytime this drug is used for recreational purposes by the users. It should also be noted that such use might also be illegal which is why it is never studied that much.  

How Long Does Ketamine Stay In Your System? 

How Long Does Ketamine Stay In Your System

Having looked at all that information above it is now time to answer the question how long does Ketamine stay in your system. In fact, the time within which Ketamine stays in the body is one of the main reasons as to why this drug is regarded as one which is dangerous.  

Also, there is no clarified information about this period. The world health organization reports that the body turns Ketamine into two chemicals. Out of these two chemicals, about 90 percent of the chemical is eliminated from the body through the urine people secret. However, about 2 percent of this drug stays behind in the body.  

In many cases, the people who undertake drug tests are less likely to undergo a Ketamine test. In many cases, drug tests are used to look for common drugs which include cocaine, heroin. If someone suspects that one can be using Ketamine then they can opt for a specialized test for this drug.  

As to how long does Ketamine stay in your system the answer to this question is somehow indefinite. For instance, if one decides to test the urine of a person suspected to be using Ketamine then they can detect it in the urine for up to two weeks. Beyond this period, it might not be possible to detect the presence of Ketamine in urine samples. If you choose to use blood samples to test for Ketamine then you can only detect its samples for up to four days.  


Before you use Ketamine, you need to ask yourself how long does Ketamine stay in your system. Answers to this question will help you to plan how you use this drug and in which patterns, knowing well what its consequences are to your body.  

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