Magnesium Bicarbonate: Benefits, Side Effects, And More 

Magnesium Bicarbonate: Benefits, Side Effects

Magnesium bicarbonate ((HCO3)2) is an unstable compound of magnesium. This ionic salt is revered as a potent bicarbonate and magnesium source. Further, to meet the magnesium requirements of your body, this is the best compound for you.

Magnesium, one of our five prime electrolytes, is responsible for regulating around 3800 proteins and 600 enzymes. Unfortunately, our regular diets do not contain enough magnesium. So, consuming magnesium bicarbonate can be of great help.

Again, our bodies need bicarbonates to maintain the right pH balance in the blood. Maintaining the pH balance of the blood is essential to prevent acidosis and alkalosis and help the important proteins function correctly.

This article is a complete overview of the benefits of magnesium bicarbonate, side effects, interactions, and other essential details of magnesium bicarbonate. 

Why Is Magnesium Bicarbonate The Best Form Of Consuming Magnesium?

Magnesium bicarbonate is the best form of consuming magnesium because it gets easily absorbed in our bodies. This unstable form of magnesium is even more effective from the highly promoted variation of magnesium, magnesium chloride, causing chloride poisoning in many cases. Also, our body cannot absorb the pristine form of magnesium in the pristine state.

So, even if you consume foods and supplements enriched with magnesium, those get excreted from our bodies. At the same time, if you take magnesium bicarbonate, it will get easily absorbed into your bloodstream through the small intestine.

Most importantly, our brains and hearts, or the sparks of our lives, need a certain amount of magnesium bicarbonate in our bodies to continue their magneto-electrical activities.

In addition, magnesium bicarbonate is the regulator of other essential minerals like sodium bicarbonate, calcium, and potassium. 

How Is Magnesium Bicarbonate Made?

Magnesium bicarbonate can be made using three elements, magnesium hydroxide powder, filtered water, and carbonated water maker or soda stream.

Once you have these three things with you, you can make magnesium bicarbonate by following a simple step-by-step process.

  1. Fill up 1/8th to 1/4th portion of a teaspoon with magnesium hydroxide powder and pour that into a filled-up SodaStream bottle.
  2. Then, carbonate the water and secure the cap of the bottle quickly and tightly.
  3.  Shake the bottle well.
  4. Keep the bottle like this for around four hours to formulate magnesium bicarbonate. The carbon dioxide in the water reacts with the magnesium hydroxide powder for the creation of magnesium bicarbonate.
  5. When the magnesium bicarbonate is ready in your bottle, you will get clean water without any sediment formulation at the bottom.
  6. If there is still sediment at the bottom of the bottle, shake it well and rest the bottle for some time.

Making magnesium bicarbonate at home becomes easier with magnesium bicarbonate concentration. 

When Do We Need To Take Magnesium Bicarbonate?

As I mentioned earlier, magnesium bicarbonate is the most effective form of magnesium you can have on a regular basis. A daily intake of around 350g of magnesium is recommended on a regular basis. You need to consume magnesium bicarbonate to quickly absorb manganese into your bloodstream, especially when the following health conditions occur.

When your body shows any of the following symptoms, the doctor will suggest a blood test and urine test for the detection of magnesium levels in your body.

Numbness Or Emotional Apathy

Magnesium deficiency can impact the functionalities of neurotransmitters, impacting our mental stimulation. As a result, you may feel a sense of numbness or apathy.

As magnesium promotes nerve relaxation, you can experience stress or anxiety with the lack of it. 

Week Bones And Osteoporosis

Magnesium deficiency is directly associated with the deterioration of bone conditions or osteoporosis. At the same time, the lack of magnesium in our bodies can weaken bones. 

Irregular Heartbeat

By getting quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, magnesium bicarbonate helps to maintain regular magneto-electrical activities of the heart and proper functioning of the heart muscles.

So, when there is an irregularity in your heartbeat, it can be an indication of magnesium deficiency, and consuming magnesium bicarbonate can help in these situations. 

Cramps And Twitches In The Muscles

Magnesium is an important electrolyte regulating essential minerals, including calcium, in our bodies. Without adequate magnesium in our blood, the calcium supply to nerve cells can shoot up, causing hyperstimulation of the muscle nerves or cramps and twitches.

Similarly, magnesium regulates essential neurotransmitters that keep our muscles relaxed. So, when magnesium deficiency happens, our muscles can become overexcited. 

In extreme cases, these muscle convulsions can lead to seizures and convulsions.  

High Blood Pressure

Magnesium supplementation can lower blood pressure, and the lack of it can raise blood pressure, impacting our cardiovascular health.

Poor Digestive Health

If your body does not have enough magnesium, there will be excessive acid formation in your stomach. As a result, you will suffer from acid reflux, heartburn, stomach upset, and diarrhea.

At the same time, a magnesium deficiency deteriorates bowel movements. As a result, constipation, abdominal uneasiness, and cramping happen. 

PMS And Premenstrual Fluid Retention

The lack of magnesium in your body can make PMS symptoms severe, with bloating, nausea, and puckishness. Some researchers also associate excessive fluid retention before menstruation as a consequence of magnesium deficiency in our bodies. 

Magnesium Bicarbonate Benefits

Magnesium bicarbonate has multiple benefits for our physiological and psychological health. It works to keep various organs and systems of our bodies healthy. 

Magnesium Bicarbonate Reduces Anxiety

Magnesium helps the neurotransmitters in our brain function properly. At the same time, it regulates the secretion of cortisol, or stress hormone, and prevents it from reaching our brains. Thus, it helps fight stress, anxiety, and many other mental health conditions.

So, if you are looking for “mitigate stress magnesium,” magnesium bicarbonate can be really handy. 

Magnesium Bicarbonate Promotes Better Sleep

Magnesium bicarbonate promotes better sleep primarily through three ways. First of all, it makes the parasympathetic nervous system of our body active. As a result, you feel more relaxed with adequate intake of this essential ionic salt.

Again, it helps the production of melatonin in our brains. Melatonin is extremely important for maintaining the sleep-wake cycle of our bodies. In other words, this hormone keeps the internal clock of your body in proper order.

Further, the gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors, or GABA, are essential neurotransmitters in many sleeping medicines. Magnesium bicarbonate binds with these neurotransmitters to promote relaxation and sleep.

Helps Fight Diabetes

Magnesium bicarbonate helps maintain the right amount of insulin in our blood. At the same time, it aids insulin to use the glucose produced in our bodies properly. This is extremely important for the management of diabetes.

If the insulin in our bodies fails to use the glucose produced from carbohydrate metabolism properly, there is an increase in the blood glucose level, increasing the risks of type-2 diabetes. Further, the unused glucose gets transformed into fat and stored in our bodies. Thus, magnesium bicarbonate is essential to avoid excessive fat accumulation, especially around the waistline.

Again, insulin regulation is extremely important to avoid sudden bouts of hypoglycemia, a severe health condition. If the insulin level in our blood is elevated, there can be a decrease in the glucose level of our blood. 

Helps Combat Toxicity

Magnesium bicarbonate maintains and boosts the production of glutathione in our cells. It is an effective detoxifying agent that helps our body fight toxins accumulated through food, drinks, and oxidative stress. In simple words, glutathione buffers the free radicals in our cells. Thus, our cells do not get damaged easily and remain protected from premature aging.

Along with preventing cell damage and fighting toxins, glutathione also improves the immunity system of our bodies. It even boosts the energy level.

Most importantly, glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize mercury, which can enter our bodies through water contamination or any other means. The World Health Organization or WHO has found mercury to be associated with toxicity in the nervous system, dysfunctional motor systems, neuromuscular problems, and tremors. There is even a strong association of mercury with autism.

So, glutathione is important for our bodies, and to keep it active, we need magnesium bicarbonate. 

Helps To Overcome Fatigue

Magnesium bicarbonate is essential for the proper absorption of glucose in our bodies. Again, it helps insulin to carry glucose to all the cells. As a result, the cells become revitalized, and you feel energetic.

That is why magnesium bicarbonate is essential for the proper functioning and survival of the cells. 

Improves Digestive Health

Magnesium bicarbonate absorbs easily into the bloodstream in the intestine. Unlike most other forms of magnesium, the body does not easily get rid of it. It regulates many enzymes that promote digestion and protein, fat, and carbs absorption.

Further, magnesium bicarbonate works as a buffer to regulate stomach acid. So, the right balance of acid and alkaline in our stomach reduces the chances of heartburn, acid reflux, stomach upset, and diarrhea.

In addition, when you take magnesium bicarbonate as per the prescription every day, the muscles of your digestive system remain active, and the bowel movement improves. As a result, the food digests easily and moves properly along the gut. Furthermore, minimizing the risks of constipation and stomach. 

Magnesium Bicarbonate Lowers The Risk Of Cardiac Arrests

Magnesium bicarbonate makes sure that all the heart muscles function properly and there is no disturbance in the magneto-electrical activities of the heart. At the same time, magnesium bicarbonate helps reduce blood pressure and lower cardiovascular disease risks.

Because of all these reasons, magnesium bicarbonate helps to avoid sudden cardiac arrests or strokes. 

Magnesium Bicarbonate Helps The Proper Functioning Of Essential Proteins

Human magnesome, or a set of essential proteins, can function properly without the adequate presence of magnesium ions in our bloodstream. Again, magnesium bicarbonate helps maintain the pH balance of our blood so that the natural characteristics of the proteins do not get lost.  

Side Effects Of Magnesium Bicarbonate

Despite being an essential source of magnesium and bicarbonate, excessive magnesium bicarbonate can cause stomach irritations, severe diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. 

In addition, with an excessive intake of magnesium, you can experience flushing, respiratory problems, and restlessness.

The Takeaway

Magnesium bicarbonate is an effective form of magnesium that easily incorporates in our bloodstream. Maintaining proper pH balance in our blood is essential so that the important proteins do not denature. In addition, magnesium is an essential electrolyte for our bodies and can regulate the functioning of around 600 enzymes, 3700+proteins, and many other essential minerals.

So, consumption of magnesium bicarbonate every day can bring a lot of improvements in our digestive, cardiac, and brain health. However, you should always consume this inorganic salt after consulting your doctor. Overdosing can cause many health problems, which can also interact with many medicines. 

Follow the magnesium bicarbonate recipe in this article and make it at home for adequate consumption. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Magnesium Bicarbonate Induce Better Sleep?

Being a form of magnesium, magnesium bicarbonate activates the parasympathetic nervous system of our bodies. Thus, your brain and entire nervous system feel relaxed as you take this bicarbonate salt.

Magnesium bicarbonate is also useful in the regulation of neurotransmitters and melatonin hormones. Our brain produces this hormone, and it determines the circadian rhythms or internal clock of our body for 24 hours, including the sleep cycle.

Magnesium bicarbonate further easily binds to GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors. These neurotransmitters are present in many sleeping pills as they can promote sleep by making the nervous system relaxed.

Magnesium bicarbonate even has a calming effect on our muscles. So, taking magnesium bicarbonate at night can improve your sleep or help you fall asleep quickly. 

Why Does Magnesium Bicarbonate Reduce Stomach Ache?

Magnesium bicarbonate helps and improves the peristaltic movement of our bodies because of the magnesium present in it. As a result, if you take this bicarbonate salt, the food you consume will move better along the gut, thereby improving digestion. On the other hand, if your body does not have enough magnesium, your bowel movements will deteriorate, causing constipation or cramps in the stomach.

Magnesium bicarbonate also helps to balance out or neutralize stomach acid. As a result, it reduces stomach aches, stomach upset, and heartburn. 

Why Is Bicarbonate Important In Human Bodies?

Bicarbonate is important for human bodies as it works as the pH neutralizer in our bodies. It does not allow our blood to get too acidic. Thus, it helps maintain the necessary functions of many essential organs in our bodies, including the lungs, kidneys, heart, and brain.

Magnesium bicarbonate is especially responsible for our cells’ overall health and the magneto-electrical activities of the brain and heart. It also promotes proper food digestion and regulates essential enzymes, proteins, and minerals in our bodies. 

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