WHO Approves Two New COVID Treatments Amidst Soaring Omicron Cases Including Arthritis Drug

COVID Treatments

On Friday, 14th January, the World Health Organization authorized two new Covid-19 medicines. This contributed to the array of equipment and vaccines available to tackle the virus’s extreme illness and fatality. Healthcare workers across the world are seeing this as a ‘silver lining’ in this challenging situation. 

What These Two Treatments Are All About?

What These Two Treatments Are All About

The arthritis medicine Baricitinib, when used with Corticosteroids, decreased the need for ventilators, and improved the recovery rates, according to WHO specialists. Amidst the growing cases of Omicron across the world, WHO is predicting that 50% of Europe will report an infection by March 2022. These new treatments seem to be a flow of fresh air in the middle of this COVID Doldrum. 

Sotrovimab, a synthetic antibody medication, also receives suggestion by the experts. It is intended for those with non-serious Covid, who have a high rate of complications like the elderly, people who have chronic conditions like diabetes, or persons with immunodeficiencies. 

However, the advantages of Sotrovimab for patients who aren’t in danger of hospitalization was very small, and the WHO claimed its usefulness against novel varieties like Omicron was “still unknown.”

Some More Facts

WHO has approved only three other Covid-19 medicines, the first of which is Corticosteroids for seriously unwell patients. It will be available in September 2020. Corticosteroids, which are cheap and widely accessible, combat inflammation, which is prevalent in severe instances.

Additionally, the arthritis medications Tocilizumab and Sarilumab have the approval by the WHO in July. They are IL-6 inhibitors that prevent the immune system from overreacting to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Baricitinib belongs to the Janus kinase inhibitors family of medications, although it follows the same rules as the IL-6 inhibitors.

What Are We Thinking? 

This is one of the most crucial steps taken by WHO since the outbreak of Omicron. Although, there is no guarantee whether the Arthritis Drug would work seamlessly, let’s hope for the best. Moreover, apart from this, please do not ignore the COVID restrictions and hygiene regulations imposed by national and regional governments all over the globe. Only then, we will be able to defeat and banish Coronavirus completely.

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