Top Career Options for Nurses in 2022

Career Options for Nurses

Healthcare and nursing have never been more topical than today, and with that spotlight comes many great new job opportunities and career trends.

Not only is working as a high-level nurse a well-paid career option for many, but it can also take you so far. Work in healthcare, in education, and around the world. Health and well-being are universally important in every country and industry, meaning that the sky is the limit on where you can take your career as a nurse.

Though your workplaces are incredibly open, choosing the right specialty can feel daunting. To help you decide which direction to take your career, consider these most sought-after nursing career options for 2022:

1. Family Nurse Practitioner

There are many different kinds of nurse practitioners, and one of the top options and most sought-after careers. There are so many different ways that you can approach your career as an NP and so many different places you can work. To become a nurse practitioner, particularly a general option, like the family nurse practitioner that covers many different conditions and demographics, you’ll need an additional 2 to 3-year master’s program under your belt.

Your job prospects will also depend on which state you are located in and what that state’s healthcare needs are (both privately and publicly). The good news is that there are great schools in every state, and if you are located in a state like Oklahoma, then you are also part of the eNLC, meaning you can relocate after becoming an Oklahoma nurse practitioner to another participating state with minimal fuss.

2. Clinical Nurse Specialists

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Clinical Nurse Specialists operate with a top-down view, where their work will help improve the quality of care and help further healthcare research, rather than helping directly with individual patients. They can work in many great roles, like oncology, and make a big difference for healthcare as a whole.

3. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Nurse anesthetists are always going to be a popular career route simply because they fetch the highest average salary of any nurse. Earning even on the low average six-figure salaries and working alongside surgeons and dentists alike, Nurse Anesthetists provide the anesthesia to patients based on their needs and body size.

4. Surgical Nurse Practitioner

Surgical Nurse Practitioner

Surgical NPs also work alongside surgeons. They are typically the ones that directly assist the surgeon and act as the surgeon’s additional hands throughout the procedure. Surgical NPs earn high salaries and perform some very exciting medicine throughout their careers.

5. Pediatric Nurses

If you want a more personal position where you connect with your patient and provide care and holistic wellness for those in desperate need, then becoming a pediatric nurse is an excellent way forward. Even for minor bumps and bruises, kids need a compassionate hand and an expert’s eye, and unfortunately, not every issue is going to be so minor.

Working in pediatrics can be very rewarding. But you also need to be great in a crisis and putting your patients at ease regardless of the situation. With this in mind working with pediatrics isn’t always for everyone, but for those who love children and want to help the newest generations with their health, there is no better

6. ER Nurses

ER Nurses

Emergencies come in all forms and sizes. Thus, there are actually a few different ways you can take your career. Especially, if you are set on becoming an ER nurse. You can work in the trauma ward and work to save the lives of those coming in with severe injuries. And life-threatening conditions.

Triage ER Nurses determine the severity of trauma cases and work to prioritize care based on urgency. They work alongside trauma ER nurses and work to save lives as fast as they can.

Do you want to be a pediatric nurse, but want to help with emergencies? Then there is even a pediatric ER nurse who help care for children who are admitted to the emergency room.

Work on the go as either a flight ER nurse or a transport ER nurse. Flight ER nurses require a special credential. And are qualified to treat patients while they are in transport in an aircraft. Transport ER nurses work to save lives on the ground, and like their flight counterparts, also need a special qualification.

There are so many excellent ways to take your nursing career further. And so many new specializations that will allow you to even combine interests. To really customize your career in a way that will help you feel fulfilled every day.

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