Diabetes – Symptoms, Causes, Effect And Treatment


Diabetes is a condition in people that are associated with blood sugar.  The condition basically affects how the body uses or utilizes blood sugar.  Glucose is such a vital component of your health and is also an important source of energy as well.  The cells as well as your body tissues cannot function normally without this sugar.  Glucose is also the main source of brain fuel without which your brain might not function normally.  

Diabetes is a condition that is associated with blood sugar either when it goes high or low.  There are various types of Diabetes which include Diabetes mellitus and Diabetes spiders which are two separate conditions.  These conditions affect people in different ways and also come with different signs in the affected people as well.  

In many cases, Diabetes symptoms vary depending on the kind or type of condition in people.  This condition is bad which when it gets to its worse might actually lead to death.  In fact, there are many people in the recent and even past who succumbed to Diabetes which is why you need to take great care with the condition.  

In the past years, people used to refer to Diabetes as a lifestyle disease that is only for the rich.  However, as time has gone by this has changed and now anyone can get affected by this condition.  The need to take care of this condition has become more pronounced in the current times.  

What Causes Diabetes?

What Causes Diabetes

What causes Diabetes you might want to know.  Well, there are many things or factors that cause Diabetes that vary depending on the type of Diabetes condition one is suffering from and other factors as well. However, depending on the type of Diabetes one is suffering from, it can result in excessive blood sugar.  

When there is so much in your blood sugar then that might lead to some complications in the end.  Chronic Diabetes includes Diabetes type 1 and 2.  There are some reversible Diabetes conditions which include prediabetes as well as gestational diabetes. Prediabetes occurs any time you have higher blood sugars which are more than normal but not of the required higher levels to be regarded as Diabetes.

In many cases, prediabetes is always the precursor to diabetes unless drastic measures are taken to avert this situation.  In fact, any time you have prediabetes then that could mean that you have diabetes coming on its way.  In fact, a good number of people who exhibited prediabetes signs ended up being diabetic in the end.  

The other type of Diabetes is gestational Diabetes which occurs during pregnancy.  The good thing about this condition is that it normally resolves once the baby is delivered.  This means that it is not a diabetic condition that is to be worried about much.  In fact, the fact, it affects women majorly means that it is much easier to deal with it.  

 The Symptoms Of Diabetes

The Symptoms Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that is best dealt with while it is still in its infancy stages.  This means the earlier you detect this condition in you the best chance of survival you stand.  The only way you can tell if this is the case or not is by using the signs and symptoms that come up.  

Once you know what the signs of Diabetes are, you will determine whether you have Diabetes or not.  If you have this condition then you will start looking for treatment right away.  That said, it is essential for this text to look into some of the symptoms and signs of Diabetes.  Some of the signs of Diabetes are like the following: 

  • Frequent urination 
  • An increased thirst in patients 
  • Extreme hunger 
  • Irritability 
  • Unexplained loss of weight
  • Slow healing of sores 
  • Fatigue 
  • Frequent different infections 
  • Blurred vision 

It is reported that type 1 diabetes can develop in people of all ages even though it might appear in children and adolescents as well.  Type 2 Diabetes is the most common type of Diabetes and can come up at all ages.  However, much as this is the case, this condition occurs more often in people who are more than 40 years of age.  

Once you begin to see these signs in yourself or people you know then that could mean that you are diabetic. Remember, the earlier you start attending to this condition the better survival chance you stand.  Make that move of seeing a doctor once you start experiencing and seeing some of these signs to start managing this condition early enough.  

The Causes Of Diabetes 

The Causes Of Diabetes 

There are various causes for Diabetes which vary according to quite a number of factors.  For instance, the kind of Diabetes you suffer from your age and other factors might help in determining what the causes of Diabetes are.  However, it should be noted that the main cause of Diabetes in people is insulin.  

High and lower levels of insulin in the body can all result in Diabetes.  This is exactly why it is always important for you to have your insulin levels checked more frequently.  If not so then you might find yourself in a position where you will be suffering from Diabetes.  

What Are Some Of The Risk Factors Of Diabetes? 

There are quite a number of factors that act as risk factors for Diabetes.  Exposing yourself to these factors might see you contract Diabetes with ease.  Some of these factors include weight, inactivity, family history, age, and many others.  Exercising and living your life in the recommended way might help you avoid this disease.  


Diabetes is one of the conditions that affect quite a good number of people.  This condition is caused by many factors, many of them which are easy to treat and prevent.  All you need to do is look for ways on how to prevent diabetes and you will be safe from this condition.  

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