How Long Do Shrooms Last In Your System?

how long do shrooms stay in your system

Do you have a question like “how long do shrooms last in your system?” after you ate the shrooms your friend handed you? This is because your friend probably did not give you the average shrooms you find in grocery stores.

Here, your friend refers to the magic mushrooms that make you high. While eating these shrooms, you will instantly get a high that actually lasts for quite some time. However, if you get too high, you might feel sick and puke to release the substance out of your system.

If you do not want to face a situation like that, then it’s time for you to read this article. Here, you will learn about some of the effects of the shrooms you might have eaten. 

In addition, you will also get to know about what factors can affect this high. Finally, you will also learn how to test whether it’s in your system or not.

How To Detect The “High” Through Tests?

If you want to detect whether psilocybin – the psychedelic chemical in shrooms, is still in your system or not, you need to run a few tests. But what tests am I talking about? 

Some of the how long do shrooms stay in your system drug tests are : 

Urine Tests

Urine Tests

Whenever the doctor (or the police) says you need to do a drug test, you will need to pee. That’s right, folks; you will need to pee in a bottle to do a drug test.

But why is it so?

This is because most of the psychoactive chemicals and compounds in the drug you consume get released from the body through your urine. The same can be said for alcohol since it makes you pee after a few pegs or bottles.

This is because the psychedelic compounds get absorbed by your liver and kidney before getting released into your bloodstream. Therefore, when you pee, you end up releasing some of the chemical residues, lowering your “high.”

If you decide to do a urine test, then it will detect psilocybin within 24 hours after consuming the shrooms. Therefore, doing so will mean that 24 hours is how long shrooms will last in your system. 

Hair Follicle Tests

Hair Follicle Tests

Believe it or not, your hair indeed absorbs most of the chemicals inside your body. Therefore, your hair will absorb some substances if you do drugs. Depending on its effect, it can lead to hair fall. This is the reason why cancer patients suffer from hair loss after chemotherapy.

In the case of shrooms, it can be detected by a hair test even after 90 days or three months. Therefore, beware of hair tests and remain clean if you have a pending hair test due for some reason.

However, conducting a hair follicle test for identifying mushrooms in your system is pretty uncommon. It is only used in some rare cases, like in the case of medical tests for entering the military.

What Are The Factors That Can Affect The Detection In Tests?

However, several factors can affect the detection of how long shrooms last in your system. They are:

Time Between Ingestion And Testing

Time Between Ingestion And Testing

The most obvious factor that affects your high according to how long shrooms stay in your system Reddit threads is the time of ingestion. Typically, you stay high and trip for about 4 to 6 hours after chomping down on the shrooms.

However, residues of the hallucinogen Psilocybin stay in your system for months. Therefore, the sooner you take a test, the sooner you will get detected for substance abuse. 

Species Of The Shroom

Species Of The Shroom

When it comes to getting high on magic mushrooms, the species of the mushrooms also play a big role. This is because records estimate that more than hundreds of mushroom species contain the hallucinogen Psilocybin. 

Therefore, some shrooms will have more of it (all the better), while others will have less of it. The more there is, the longer it will affect how long shrooms last in your system

How You Got “High”

How You Got “High”

There are various ways you can ingest magic mushrooms. You can either have them freshly picked and washed or put in dried food dishes. For example, you can put cheese in your cheeseburger and give it a high twist that makes it worthwhile. Or you can have some magic on your own. 

Dosage Of Shroom

Dosage Of Shroom

Do you think you have been high for quite a long time? Then the number of shrooms you ingest affects how long shrooms last in your system. The more you eat, the longer it will stay in your system, increasing the chances of it being detected through tests.

Your Age

Your Age

Your age plays a big role in shaping your metabolism and how well your kidney and liver function. Therefore, the younger you are, the quicker the effects of the shrooms fade away. Unfortunately, this lessens the chances of it being detected through a test. 

Your Body Composition

Your Body Composition

The structure and properties of your body will often determine how long do shrooms last in your system. This is because it will stay for shorter periods if you are skinny, and vice versa if you are not.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1. What Makes Shrooms Show Up In Drug Tests? 

Ans: All the “magic mushrooms” you eat to get high have a hallucinogenic chemical called Psilocybin. When a drug test is done, the residue of this chemical in your system will get detected.

Q2. Are Shrooms Bad For Health?

Ans: If you consume shrooms sometimes occasionally with friends, it will not be that harmful. However, regular consumption of shrooms will lead to nerve damage and psychological problems later on.

Q3. How Many Shrooms Should You Ingest At Once?

Ans: When tripping on shrooms, it’s done based on grams and not the number of shrooms. Therefore, as a beginner, you should start with around 1.5 grams of shrooms. However, if you are a pro at this game, then you should stop at 3.5 grams.

Q4. What Is The Best Way To Do Shrooms? 

Ans: having shrooms eaw is the best way to do shrooms. You can also dip it in tea for some time to make psychedelic tea for yourself too.

Bottom Line

Consuming shrooms or magic mushrooms is a great way to get high in the most organic way possible. First, however, you must know how long do shrooms last in your system to take the best preparations and precautions accordingly.

Shrooms can stay in your system for months if you do a hair follicle test. However, it will only be detected by a urine test if consumed hours beforehand.

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