The Power of Positive Thinking: How to Boost Your Health with a Positive Mindset

Boost Your Health with a Positive Mindset

Positive Thinking- this subject is constantly cycling in and out of health magazines and articles because it is such a hard bite to swallow for many people.  The reason is that there’s an inherent negativity to the adult human mind that is actually counterintuitive to the positive track the brain is supposed to be on.

When this happens, it causes cognitive dissonance, which can be an emotionally painful experience that prevents you from stepping into a new understanding of what it means to be positive.  Here, you’ll learn about why positive thinking is so important and how it affects the body.  Stay open-minded, and here we go!

The Body is Electric

If you haven’t been through a biology course in a while, then let’s have a quick review.  The human body is made up of endless electrical signals.  Some of these signals are through changes in hormones, and others are through the direct communication of the brain.

Each neuron that controls our movement is literally a wire that connects back to the brain.  As I type, my brain goes into auto keyboard mode so that I can translate what is in my head to my hands and onto this webpage.

All of that is electric!

Positive And Negative Charges

Positive And Negative Charges

We’ve established that signals are electric in the human body.  Another thing to keep in mind is that different minerals and substances in the body are also charged.  This means that they either have extra protons or electrons that imbalance the charge on that substance.

The differences in charges help the body produce necessary hormones, send foods to where they belong, and send minerals where they are needed.  Our bodies pick up the signals and start transporting them through the blood to repair, heal, and ensure nutrients are divided up correctly.

One of the reasons we haven’t seen much on positive thinking and health is because the studies to understand the connection between positivity and the body take time.  Here’s some of the information that we know so far:

A negative mindset:

  • Increases pain and inflammation in the body
  • Increases brain fog and dissociation
  • Decreases libido and appetite
  • Decreases drive and ambition

A positive mindset:

  • Produces a balanced appetite
  • Decreases inflammation and pain
  • Increases drive, which relates to lower occurrences of brain fog

That’s just a very brief look into the positive and negative mindset and the most basic comparison.  There are vast lists and empirical evidence that demonstrate that a negative mindset is directly related to poorer health.

Developing A Positive Mindset

Developing A Positive Mindset

If this is something that you have a problem with, welcome to the club!  Unfortunately, society as a whole has developed into something that predicts more negative than positive outcomes.  Because of this, we become programmed to expect the negative of everything!

To combat this, there are a few strategies that you can use.  If you feel like you are unable to pull yourself out of the negative, talk to your doctor about medications or medical cannabis.  Both are wonderful options to help boost your positivity.

To get a positive mindset, you don’t have to stay on medications or cannabis forever.  They help break down the barriers of the mind and can help get you through some very negative times.  While medication is in your system, this is going to help give you the strength and assistance to restructure your thought patterns.

Addressing The Patterns

The best example I have of restructuring your mindset is thinking about stepping in poop.  It doesn’t matter what animal, your mind probably goes to the negatives of cleaning shoes, more time and effort, the smell, etc., right?

Changing your thought patterns is as simple as not going to the negative trail and instead rethinking the situation.  Were you paying attention? No? Then, it was an honest mistake, and at least the animal in question is more than likely healthy.

That small!  The changes can be that small and heavily impact your mind.  It starts off simple and slow, then evolves to being able to forgive someone for cutting you off more easily than you ever have before.

How To Focus On Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking and affirmation are topics known by everybody. Almost all individual knows to be positive and calm in every situation. But they don’t know how to reinforce an affirmative thought process. You can simply change negative thinking into a positive one if you follow the below steps: 

Determine areas that must be changed

The key to becoming more optimistic and having positive thinking is to identify areas that need to be changed. It can either be your daily commute, relationship, or your work; first, discover what makes your thinking negative. All it takes is to start focusing on one area at a time and approach them in an optimistic fashion. 

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is the way to become a happier person in life. Start exercising for about half an hour every day. You might also break it up into a routine of 10-15 minutes. Exercises impact your mood positively as this will reduce stress. Go through a healthy diet that fuels both your body and mind. 

Smile and Laugh as much as possible

Welcoming humor in your life is the third- most important thing to do. Allow yourself to laugh or smile for most part of the day. If you find yourself in difficult times, seek humor and relax your mind. Smiling at difficult things calms you down and gives you a more positive approach to dealing with life. 

Cut out people who don’t let you succeed

One of the major reasons why an individual cannot maintain positive thinking is because they are surrounded by those who have a negative outlook. Choose your circle wisely- surround yourself with people who are positive and practical. Negative circles simply boost your stress level and influence your mental health. 

Try positive self-talking

Sounded childish? Well, it’s absolutely not! We all do self-talking in times of doubt, and that’s perfectly normal. When it comes to encouraging yourself and inducing positive thinking, be gentle with yourself. Evaluate negative thoughts rationally and respond to them with affirmations. Doing this will assure you 100% success in becoming a positive person. 


No matter what stage of life you are in, it’s important to remember that changing your mindset at the smallest level sends back positivity into your body.  Your body feels the negativity if you remain negative, and it will easily jump into a happy mode when you work on maintaining a positive outlook.

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