What Is acne? Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, And Facts


People develop a lot of abnormalities in their bodies every now and then. While some of them do not bother much, others need extensive treatment. You can consider acne as one of them. Well, it is a skin issue that can happen to anyone irrespective of gender and race. However, a common trait in cases of severe acne victims is that they all have oily skin.

Acne can occur anywhere, but mostly it affects the face and the back. So, you should go for the right treatment if it bothers you much. In this article, you can learn about Acne and its causes, treatment, and facts regarding it. All you need to do is go through the points given below:

What Is Acne?

Acne occurs on the skin as the hair follicles swallow up with oil and dead skin cells. It leads to pimples and whiteheads. In advanced stages, it can turn into cystic acne. Mainly, teenagers develop acne during the adolescent years, but it can break out at any age.

This abnormality can bother a lot of people because it ruins the outlook of a person. Moreover, baby acne might turn out to be a curse as it can be painful. Treatments for acne are available, but they can take a long time to go away. Again, for some teenagers, it goes away automatically. On the other hand, fungal acne can bring added complications to the skin.

You may have interested to know more about acne as a victim. Well, go through the following points to know about the causes and symptoms of acne.

Causes Of Acne

Causes Of Acne

Here are the main causes of acne. Read them to know more. It can help you talk with a dermatologist in sync if you visit one.

1.  Sebum Production

Sebum production is the primary cause of acne. It is nothing but oil generation from the follicles of the skin. In case your doctor tells you anything about sebum, you can consider your skin to be oily.

2. Dead Skin Cell Clogging

Acne takes the shape of pimples mainly due to impurities. Well, the dead skin cells are the main element that acts as impurities. This leads to miniature infections in a rapid manner giving rise to acne. 

Now, as dead skin cells can deposit anywhere in the body, you can expect acne to develop in your face, back, and rarely in your lower back and hip area.

3. Inflammation

Inflammation on the skin can happen due to any reason but can end up leading you to have cysts on your skin. This can be painful’. So, you should keep in mind not to neglect any type of inflammation on your skin. Rush to the dermatologist and make sure he treats with medication.

4. Bacteria And Fungi

Well, both bacterial and fungal infections can be the root cause of acne on your skin. So, you need to be very careful regarding them. The best you can do is clean the skin thoroughly once or twice a day. If you are the one who skips a shower, you might be more prone to fungal and bacterial acne.

Symptoms Of Acne

Symptoms Of Acne

In this section, you can check out the symptoms of Acne. Generally, you experience the symptoms depending on the severity of the disorder. Take a look at the following points to understand.

1. Blackheads:

In case of persistent acne, you can observe blackheads on the face. These are similar to the acne scar that does not go away.

2. Pimples:

Pimples are common in the case of acne. They are nothing but infections that erupt on the skin. The pimples can be very painful at times.

3. Whiteheads:

Whiteheads are plugged pores that form on the skin and do not open up. You can find the whiteheads, especially on the upper cheek region and the nose. These heads do not go away easily and you need to wax them on a daily basis.

4. Nodules:

Nodules form under the skin and it is a symptom that occurs in the advanced stage. If you are concerned about how to get rid of acne scars, make sure to treat your nodules. The best you can do is take medications given by the doctor. Check out the treatment section later to know more regarding this.

Treatment Of Acne

Treatment  Of Acne

This section of the article deals with the treatment of acne. You can count on them as the medications can first minimize your symptoms and prominently treat the abnormality for good. Check the list given below.

Part 1: Ointments

  • Benzyole Peroxide Ointment
  • Salicyclic Acid
  • Antibiotic Oinments
  • Retinoids WIth Vitamin A Derivatives
  • Dapzone

Part 2: Oral Medications

  • Isotretinoine Tablets
  • Antibiotics
  • Tetracyclinin Antibiotics

Part 3: Therapies

So, these are some of the common ways of treating acne. You can count on them if you are concerned about how to get rid of acne. However, you should never try picking up any treatment measures on your own. Rather, choose to visit a dermatologist and count on his treatment approach. Expect your dermatologist to give you the way how to get rid of back acne.

Triggers Of Acne

Triggers of Acne

In case, you are a victim of acne and thinking about how to get rid of acne scars. You can know about the triggers and avoid them from now on. Take a look at the following points:


Certain medications can give rise to acne. So, you need to know about them from the doctor and avoid them.

Changes In Hormone:

Changes in the level of Androgens in both males and females during the onset of puberty can lead to the breakout of acne.


Excess carbohydrates in the diet can lead to the advancement of acne. So, you should maintain dietary restrictions.


Excess stress is also a prominent trigger of acne.

Final Words

In most human beings, acne develops and blurs out at certain points in time. However, people do not welcome it as it ruins the outlook. Moreover, acne has some painful symptoms too. So, if you turn a victim, immediately go for medication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are The Symptoms Of Acne?

Ans: Persistent skin swelling and pimples are the main symptoms of acne.

How Do You Treat Acne Symptoms?

Ans: Ointments, oral medicines, and therapies are the three ways to treat acne symptoms.

What Are The Main Causes Of Acne In Adults? 

Ans: The main causes of acne in adults is excess oil generation and some underlying disease.

What Are The 4 Types Of Acne?

Ans: The 4 types of acne are papules, nodules, cysts, and pustules.

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