Masturbation Is Harmful? What You Should Do?

is masturbation harmful

Masturbation is an entirely natural process that comes with both advantages and disadvantages. For many people, the word is taboo, and they do not want to talk about it in public. However, it is completely normal to have this feeling, and there is nothing wrong with talking about it.

Many people have the same question on their minds, but they are too shy to ask or talk about it. As a result, most people still haven’t got the answer to this question, and they continue it blindly.

You do not want to be one of those people who do not have any answers. So, we will help you get the answer on whether is masturbation harmful or not in detail.

Masturbation Is Harmful?

Masturbation Is Harmful

Coming to the question that most people have in their mind. Most people learn to masturbate at a young age without any guidance. This is why they do not have any idea about it. Self-pleasure is always good for your health, and it helps to release hormones. So, from sexual pleasure to healthy sex life, you will get plenty of benefits from masturbation. 

However, masturbation can become harmful if you do it too much. So, you need to control yourself at one point to stay healthy and safe. Unfortunately, it is very easy to become addicted to this habit. So, if you have control over your sexual drive and do not get addicted, masturbation is not harmful. 

If you are facing masturbating effects, there are things that you need to do. We will help you know more about them, but let’s find out how to know if you are overdoing it. You will indeed find them helpful and related to “is masturbation harmful.” 

How To Find Out You Are Masturbating A Lot?

How To Find Out You Are Masturbating A Lot?

As most people do not talk about masturbating to others, it is hard to know if you are overdoing it or not. It might seem normal to you, but it is not. Don’t worry; we will help you to find out if you are masturbating a lot or if it is normal. We provide some common things that will help you know if you are masturbating a lot. 

When you start to overdo it, you will feel some changes in your body and get a frequent urge to masturbate. The first step you need to do is accept that you are overdoing it. It is the first step that can help you to improve. Here are some side effects of masturbation in male daily.   

  • Uncontrollable urges to do it frequently. 
  • Planning to do it even anywhere. 
  • Skipping social gatherings, school, and work to masturbate. 

If any of these or other things are interrupting your regular routine or making it hard to concentrate, you need to stay warned. But if you are unable to control the urge alone, try consulting with your doctor. Men masturbating or women masturbating to feel self-satisfaction is normal, but the best thing to do is get advice if it goes out of hand.  

How To Stop Masturbating Frequently?

How To Stop Masturbating Frequently?

You already know how to find out if you are overdoing it. But you need to know how to stop it; here are some easy and useful ways given below.

Consult A Doctor

As mentioned above, if things are uncontrollable, ruining your personal life, you will need to visit a doctor. Many people are unable to fight it alone; with the help of a doctor, you can easily overcome this. Now that you know what happens if you masturbate too much go to the doctor without wasting much time.

Reduce Watching Pornography 

Suppose you are someone who is having problems controlling the urge to masturbate. It increases the drive and makes it hard to get over the habit. Instead, try to avoid the images, videos, or anything related to porno. It will help make the process faster and help you get over the urge. 

Exercise Regularly 

Masturbation helps to get rid of anxiety and stress, along with other benefits. However, you should not do it more often. To help you get over this habit, try doing exercises. Plenty of exercises are available like walking, jogging, swimming, and others. Do it for 30 minutes every day, and the habit will start to fade away. 

Apart from these, there are many other ways available to deal with masturbation. You will need to follow these to stay healthy and safe. Is masturbation is harmful? Well, we can’t say for sure without knowing the situation and habits. 

Interesting Facts About Masturbation

Interesting Facts About Masturbation

Here are some important facts about Masturbation that you might need to know. 

  • Masturbation does not cause acne and shrink the penis.
  • Men who masturbate 5-6 times every week have less chance of prostate cancer. 
  • Men masturbate more compared to women. 
  • Women who are in their late 20’s, masturbate a lot. 

Is masturbation harmful? No, if you can keep it in control, it is very beneficial and helps improve sex life. Apart from that, it helps with stress release, and relaxation and boosts body image, self-esteem, and others. In any case, if you think that masturbating too much is causing a lot of issues, try to visit a doctor or get help. 


Masturbation is a natural process of humans that helps to boost the sexual drive and release stress. “Is masturbation harmful?” This is the most common question that many people mean to ask. 

This article might have helped you understand why masturbation is harmful and what you should do. Go through all the different sections to learn the details. If this article helped you get the answer you are looking for, share it with others and help them get answers.

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